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Top Dreamboard Themes for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

If you want your iPhone to look just more than icons placed on your Home Screen then its time to switch overto Dreamboard, an advanced theming platform which takes control of your Winterboard as soon as it is activated. It uses your Home Screen space quite efficiently by placing anything from widgets to Apps anywhere you want to. If you want to get more information on Dreamboard then check out this post. However in this post i will give you step by step guide to download,install and use  Top Dreamboard Themes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Whats Need!!!!

  1. Your iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch must be Jailbroken [Click here to Jailbreak iPhone, Click here Jailbreak iPad, Click here to Jailbreak iPod].
  2. Cydia is installed [normally comes pre-installed while jailbreaking].
  3. Visit our post on how to download and install Dreamboard application and Dreamboard Themes.
Top Dreamboard Themes
1-   Endroid
This is the free theme that comes when you install Dreamboard in your device. It features Animated Weather Widget and allows editing of icons. As its name implies, this theme is meant to mimic Android’s UI.
2-    Boxor HD

According to the Theme’s official page, this theme will make you spend less time on your iPhone or iPod Touch with features such as Live Weather, WebWidget, Rotating RSS feeds reader, Wallpaper Switcher, and PhotoLive Box.

3-   OS7   
A simple plug-and-play theme, static tiles and application lists are both auto-created. Easily customizable start menu, including live tiles and requires NO paid plugins. It runs independently from winterboard.
4-    iNav HD
 This comes with the iNavHD beta 1.5 DreamBoard Port, a WinterBoard Version to go with the DreamBoard Port for the Full UI Experience. It also includes alternative keyboard.
5-   Seven OS
4 categories : Games, Apps, Config, Media. App grid with all your apps. Choose between 4 wallpapers. Nice and fluid animations. Set your location directly in the theme for the weather.
6-    AppleWEB HD 
This basically makes your iOS theme similar to Apple’s website. This theme requires some script editing for weather modding.
7-    ErgoHD
This particular Dreamboard theme is created so that you will only operate your device with a single hand. ErgoHD allows you to quickly access your apps.
8-    Gyro HD
This is an original theme complete with features like optional day and night changing wallpaper, scrolling pages and four editable tabs (Favs, Apps, games, and Cydia).
9-    LiveOS HD
This LiveOS HD theme comes with Dreamboard folder, Winterboard folder and Templates folder. Features that are included are day/night switching wallpapers, fully animated background weather (with rain, clouds, snow, moving sun and moon), optional full slideable Calendar widget, large reflective NAV icons and more.
10-    Blackberry OS
Many Blackberry fans should be right at home with this well designed Dreamboard theme. Features include weather widget, clock widget, wallpaper changer and more. It is available in HD and SD versions.
11-    Apple Desk
Two pages of desk space. Folder page for all other applications via SpringJump. Leopard experience when iMac is tapped (via SpringJump). Weather Icon, Home Button (to 1st page), and Live Time in dock.
Note: This tutorial is for trial purposes therefore please purchase Dreamboard and the themes if you like them.
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