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Top 5 Winterboard iPad Themes – Axium HD, iFlat4 HD, Apple Core HD, BlueiPad v2, Boxor HD

Personalization on iPad has been a missing feature which is nicely explored by Jailbreak community by introduction of Winterboard which allows to completely revamped the interface by changing icons, logos, notifications, loading screens and application interfaces. We have already covered best themes for iPhone & iPod in our previous post, now er take the opportunity to introduce you with our best iPad themes in this post,

Top 5 Winterboard iPad Themes

  1. Axium HD iPad
    Axium HD iPad is a premium theme with a complete new breathtaking interface. This theme includes Clock, Weather, Calender, Maps, Phone, Notification, Buttons interfaces are rebuilt moreover the UI are all mapped with this theme.
  2. iFlat4 HD [iPad]
    iFlat HD is a famous iPhone/iPod theme which is ported to iPad. This theme includes sophisticated interface with themed icons, labels, status bar, wallpapers and applications.  Icons are beautifully surrounded by a thin black thread.
  3. Apple Core HD
    Apple Core HD theme comes with Animated Weather, Dynamic wallpapers, Custom animations and script driven architecture to support RSS feeds, Live social networks etc.
  4. BlueiPad v2
    BlueiPad comes with preloaded wallpapers, icons, notifications, apps UIs along with PSDs to modify the icons. The theme contains spotlight SBSettings theme,auto-icons, full UI skin, Battery skin,  Lockscreen, Mail app skin, Ipod skin,  Safari skin, UISounds theme,Settings app skin, Photos app skin as well.
  5. Boxor HD
    Boxor HD is another theme with scrips and live wallpapers. Multiple widgets can be run including social networking apps,  vetical icons, facebook widgets etc.

Whats needed

  1. Your iPad must be Jailbroken [to Jailbreak click here]
  2. Cydia is installed [normally comes pre-installed while jailbreaking]
  1. Open Cydia and search “Winterboard”
  2. Install Winterboard
  3. Goto Manage Tab of Cydia and press Edit > Add following repo “http://sinfuliphonerepo.com”
  4. After you have completed the steps above select the theme you like from the list above and search the name on Cydia e.g. to install Axium HD for iPad search Axium and you will see a file name from Sinfuliphonerepo (in Black). Select and install
  5. Open Winterboard and select the theme you want to display and press home button to respring
  6. Here you go your graphics are totally rewamped.
Note: This tutorial is for trial purposes therefore please purchase the premium themes if you like them.
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