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Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android Smartphone

Modern mobile devices, coming with high end electronics build inside, drains the phone battery quite speedily as compared to conventional mobile devices. Sometimes batteries drain so quickly that they even  can’t you through day. Therefore, we are going to guide to step by step, how to increase your battery life with a little effort on your side. You may need to install few apps and tap few additional buttons, but that’s like nothing compared to the benefits you’ll get.

1-   Download Power Control app from Android market and Install it on your phone memory rather than on memory card. It works like home screen widget and enables you to quickly ON/OFF bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Sync and adjust brightness. In most cases we don’t require all applications to be turned ON. So make sure you turn only those ON which you requires at that specific time.

2-   Email settings also plays an important role in saving your battery life. Set email update frequency to  1 hour instead of every few minutes. if you really want to sync it before then you’ll be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

3-   If you don’t want to compromise in first two points then try and recheck your screen brightness.  click “Settings,” then “Display” and “Brightness” and make your screen less bright but readable enough.

4-   There are applications available which automatically enable/disable your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS based on your location and time of day. These applications includes Power Manager,  Airplane Autoswitch and Screebl. However, The best solution is probably the Locale app whose functionality can be further expanded with plug-ins.

5-   You have already noticed that during downloading and installation of Apps batteries drained more quickly then in normal state. Therefore you must make sure that your phone is charging during downloading or installation of  applications. This way using Wi-Fi, which is the biggest battery drainer, won’t affect you at all.

The methods mentioned above work perfectly for me and i recommend you to follow the same tips if you really want to increase of batteries.

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