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The New You-Tube Go , with better connectivity and no more carrier data charges

youtube-goGoogle has released a new app – the You-Tube Go , that is specifically designed for users in areas with poor network coverage. The app was announced at the Google for India Event that was held a few hours ago, in New Delhi. This is a pre-paid subscription service provided by YouTube designed for mobile users.

Using this app ,the user can watch previews of videos -that are available in the form of a series of slideshows , allowing the user to get an overall picture of what the clip is all about before he streams and downloads it to his smartphone, in addition information on the size of the file and how much free space you have on your phone can also be viewed . By making use of Bluetooth the user can send videos to friends and family nearby, saving the extra charges on sending data a second time.

This new app is mainly designed to cater for YouTube users that reside in areas with slow or poor connectivity and very high carrier charges. This follows the offline playback option that was introduced by Google for Android Users around two years ago and the Smart Offfline option that enabled users to automatically download videos that they had selected at specific times according to when data charges were negligible or free.

YouTube Go should be available very soon for testing however the actual date is still unclear.

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