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The FBI Releases The Child ID iPhone App

FBI has its first iPhone app called FBI Child ID which provides a convenient place to store electronic pictures and important information about your child so that it can be used in case your child goes missing. One can call it as a digital passport which contains all information about your children. Not only you can store pictures but also it allows to store information about physical appearance like height and weight. There are other fields for the child’s can stored like name, nicknames, address, date of birth, and ethnicity.


The salient features of this application are as follows:-

1-   It allows you to quickly show a security official to help identify your child in case they go missing at places like airport or a theme park.

2-   FBI Child ID also enables you to directly call 911 with the tap of a button. You can also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

3-   If you have internet available then using this app you can also write email about your child’s information to respective authorities.

The best part of this application is all the information about your child will be stored in locally in your phone which removes the concerns of those who are worried over privacy. The information will only be shared once you send it to authorities. Same has also confirm by FBI on their website.

Child ID is considered as a great application, but one important thing i have noticed with the app is that there is no way you can set a passcode on it. If you’re storing information that could identify your children, it would want to lock the app so that it should not fall into the wrong hands.

FIB has currently launched this application only for the iPhone but it also works on the iPad and iPod Touch. In future it would be launched for other mobile OS.

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