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Tell Siri to Update your Twitter Status[How to Tutorial]

One of the main reason iPhone 4 users want to upgrade their phones to Apple’s latest iPhone 5 is Siri voice Assistant feature. Hackers have already started working on how to port Siri on iPhone 4 and already shared some video showing successful port on iPhone 4.

At same time we have been reporting you about the best usage of  iPhone 4S Siri Assistant feature. Just nowMashable has shared another interesting use of Siri in which you can update your twitter status straight away through Siri commands. I have mentioned below a simple guide through which you can active this function for your iPhone 4S.


1-   Open Twitter on your computer and navigate to the “settings”

2-   Click the “Mobile” Tab

3-   Select your Country/region, Enter your Phone Number, Choose your carrier and press “Start” button.

4-   Twitter want to authenticate you by sending a text message on “40404” having “Go” word in the body.

5-   Write following text message from your iPhone and send it to “40404”.

6-   Now you are ready to command Siri to update your twitter status.

7- All your mobile information which you have just entered in previous steps will be stored here.


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