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If you find notification numbers on the top of applications especially AppStore updates as annoying as for some reasons you don’t want to update tot he latest version then BadgeClear Jailbreak tweak is the solution. BadgeClear allows you to clear the notification badges from the top of notification icons. All you need to do is to install […] Read more

At time you want your iPhone to remain silent or on vibrate during planned meetings so now Jailbreak tweak makes your work easy by automatically putting your device into silent mode before start of meeting. If you use your iPhone calendar for managing your meetings then all you need is to install the Jailbreak tweak […] Read more

One of the important feature of Call, SMS and MMS firewall has still not been integrated into the iOS 5 therefore we had to rely on Jailbreak Tweak iBlacklist whcih has been upgraded to iBlacklist 5.0 to support iOS 5. iBlacklist gives you a variety of options for rejecting, accept and rejecting, voice mail or busy tone  etc. Moreover you can […] Read more

Recently Apple has launched the next generation of its iOS 5 which comes with tens of new features mostly the ones which were already present using Jailbreak tweaks e.g. Notification center, Camera Button, Photo Editors etc however possibilities are endless in Jailbreak tweaks. Therefore after the upgrade to iOS 5 Jailbreak community is in the process of upgrading their tweaks to support iOS 5 summarized […] Read more

Download Android Market v3.1.5 Update

Recently Android got a complete revamped both in looks and features. Last update brought couple of new features which includes addition of +1 button and  PIN lock the market. +1 button will allows you to share your favorite applications with your Google+ circles in much easier way. PIN Lock feature will is a security feature which that allows you to PIN lock the market. It means […] Read more

Previously we reported you about gMapsV1.10 for Windows Phone 7 which is available in both gMaps (free) and gMaps Pro versions. Today, developers have just released its new version gMaps Pro v1.11.0 which has brought many improvements along with Windows Phone Mango support. Moreover, developer Alexey Strakh has managed to bring first Windows Phone Google Latitude. If you have […] Read more

Google has been frequently updating its Google Maps App bringing new features for mobile users. In previous update of Google Maps App version 5.9, Google brought major improvements in transit navigation supporting custom notifications for different cities as well as new labs features.  Bubble Button which allows to call and get directions from a result bubble on the Map had been also […] Read more

In the past we have posted a detailed review of TeamViewer which provides remote desktop and file sharing functionality for Windows, Mac, Linux and iDevices. Parallels Mobile also provides more or less similar remote access to all the applications running on your Mac whether they be Mac applications or Windows programs using your iPad, iPhone, or iPod […] Read more

Ever wanted to watch your PC/Mac Xvid Movies onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without coverting them into some other format then CineXPlayer is the solution. CineXPlayer allows you to play 2D as well as 3D videos in HD 720p Format without the need to convert them into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen […] Read more

List of Working/Not Working Jailbreak Tweaks on iOS 5 [Updated]

If you are a regular user of Koolmobile you must be aware of the development going on for the upcoming iOS 5 for which iOS 5 Beta 6 has been released nearly a week ago which is the 5th revision of iOS Betas for Developers. Although the iOS Beta are destined for developers only but […] Read more

Angry Brids has been updated to include Mighty eagle for Birds rescue. The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake – it doesn’t matter that everyone should be relaxing at the beach! Teach those pesky porks to leave the eggs alone. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ hideouts […] Read more

If you remember good old days of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) launched in mid 80’s was a pleasure time to play with. gpSPhone brings the same good old GameBoy Advanced game play experiences back onto your iPhone and iPod Touch. gpSPhone is a paid Cydia application for 4.99 $ from BigBoss Repo. Some of the sleint […] Read more


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