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Facebook Video Chat from Skype Thumb

Just now Skype has announced new Beta versions which brings another amazing feature for both Mac and Windows users all across the world. Both Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac and Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows not only gives Facebook integration which means you can add your Facebook friends to your Skype contact list but also allows you to make video calls to your Facebook […] Read More

Windows Phone Logo

We have been covering the most demanding feature of Windows Phone Internet Tethering for long time. Microsoft has not yet available this feature natively on Windows Phone operating system. Users were expecting that feature will be made available in Windows Phone Mango update but things didn't go accordingly and users are still deprived of this feature. […] Read More

IceCream Sandwich

IceCream Sandwich update is the next big thing for Android Smartphone users and especially for existing Android Device owners. IceCream Sandwich update has been released couple of weeks ago which including some new features, applications, performance upgrades and bug fixes which was supported by Samsung Galaxy Nexus as the first Smartphone to receive the update. […] Read More

Google TV

Recently Google has updated the Google TV to version 2.0 which add bunch of new features to the Android TV Platform along with additional Applications. Some of the major changes include Android Market and TV & Movies Applications. Addition of these new features and applications wont appeal to much to the new users as they […] Read More


If you are one of those iPhone user who is more concerned or interested in changing the look of iOS by installing app like barrel or other popular Cydia Tweaks, Themes using Winterboard or Dreamboard apps then we have got something more for you which makes your iPhone look even more beautiful. Cydia Apps like […] Read More

[MIUI] Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Updated – Download Now


If you are Android fan then you must must have come across MIUI which one of the most popular Android ROM along with themes. Android phones running MIUI build custom ROM gives a complete new user experience as while comparing it with other available Android custom ROM’s. MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich theme has been just updated and ready to go on Android devices. […] Read More


If you are one of the user having HTC Thunderbolt with software Version 2.11.605.3 on Verizon Wireless Network then you must be knowing that some serious security issues were identified along with broken voicemail  notifications  problem few weeks ago.  HTC took a serious note of these issues and announced to bring the solution as soon as possible. Finally […] Read More

Download webOS 3.0.4 Update for HP TouchPad

hp touchpad

HP TouchPad has become of the most popular and demanding device since it went on clearance sale at a price tag of $99. It was all stared when HP officially announced no further WebOS development and discontinuation of TouchPad. Right after that popular Custom Android Mod Developer Cynogen decided to bring the maximum use of HP TouchPad and demoed […] Read More


Today we shared a list of Cydia Apps and Tweaks compatible with iOS 5. List also includes popular Winterboard App which is used to set Premium themes on iPhone. Winterboard is currently not supported on recently launched iOS 5 but there is official unreleased version is available which can be installed on iOS 5. However, it is […] Read More

List of Cydia Apps & Tweaks Compatible With iOS 5


Yesterday we shared a post about Cydia jailbreak tweaks integrated in iOS 5. However, there are lots of features which are still missing from the latest iOS which provide value addition for provisioning of new services. I have mentioned the complete list of cydia tweaks along with their Compatibility status with iOS5. You need to visit […] Read More

Download OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11c71 Released For Developers Only


Apple has released OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11c73 reviewed here Apple has released another update for OS X Lion 10.7.2(11c71) including iCloud Beta only for developers. It means you don’t have to download a seperate iCloud package for Mac which was required previous versions. This update comes with already removed bugs found in previous version. The new OS X Lion […] Read More

Windows Phone Mango

Recently we reported you through Microsoft official press release about launching of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update in couple of weeks time. Users who have been waiting for this official Mango update now don't have to wait any more as Microsoft has already started rolling out the Windows Phone Mango update to retail Windows Phone […] Read More

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