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InfiniDock is a remarkable Dock Icon Scrolling Jailbreak Application which allows you to add infinite number of applications in your Dock as shortcut. Normally iPhone and iPod Dock is restricted to have maximum of 4 applications but with InfiniDock you can add any number of Applications you like and you can scroll left or right […] Read More


This is one of the most fascinating tweak for iPhone and iPod Touch which reminds you of good old school days when TV used to be of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology. TV Tube Sleep turn your iPhone or iPod off in the same mode like old TV used to switch off by displaying white line and converging in […] Read More

AnyRing Thumb

Ringtones in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are limited to few already present in by default within iOS  release. However to add ringtone in that list is a cumbersome exercise by using iTunes Sync through PC or Mac. Therefore Jailbreak community has to offer you AnyRing applications.           AnyRing allows you to […] Read More

HomeScreenMenu Thumb

If you are a music fan you must have noticed that jiggling with songs is a bit inconvenient in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as you have to enter Multitasking Menu by Double tapping the Home button and on sliding right you can see Song Shuffle Menu as shown below, But reaching this menu is quite a cumbersome excersie […] Read More

Spped for Maps Thumb

If you are among the ones who need separate GPS application to see your velocity while on the move than "Speed for Maps" will be a nice little Cydia Jailbreak tweak for you. We have already covered some of the best Must have Cydia tweaks in our earlier posts. Cydia tweaks add the last end missing components into the stock applications as in […] Read More


No matter how impressing your Operating System is we are always curious of trying different things which are not not supported on our device. People are trying to use Android on iPhone, Linux on iPhone and now its turn to have Windows 7 on iPhone/iPod Touch. If you obsessed with Windows 7 running on your friends HTC […] Read More

EasyFindOnPage Makes Your Search Convenient


If you are a frequent user of  Find in this page , or search page function and you prefer to use it more often because it quickly searches a word or phrase within a web page without having to scroll the entire page. Apple implemented this function in with release of iOS 4 about year ago. In order to make […] Read More


If you recall good old days of Nokia Smartphone reign you must be aware of a feature of Sending I'm Busy SMS on Arrival of Call. Apple has forgot such small tweaks which can make your life easier by avoiding multiple clicks. Jailbreak community has come up with a solution to this issue using a simple tweak […] Read More


If you have ever used blackberry and android smartphones then you must enjoyed their one of the famous and strong feature of LED Notification system. This notification system is simple but yet to be made available on iOS. Blackberry and Android have gone even further by letting you to select LED color depending upon the […] Read More

How to Get WhatsApp on iPad2 and iPad1 With WhatsPad


You must be already aware that only iOS device WhatsApp been designed to work on is the iPhone, throwing the iPad and iPad 2 completely out in dark. Thankfully there’s WhatsPad, a jailbreak tweak that fools WhatsApp into running on 3G-capable iOS devices other than the iPhone. iOS devices running With WhatsPad other than the iPhone is […] Read More

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