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Copic Messages

As already Reviewed Copic (short form of Contact Picture) which allows you to display contact picture within standard iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch native favorites, recent calls, contacts, sms and facetime applications. Copic has been recently updated to 1.0-1 to include Personnel SMS Avatars.          Copic 1.0-1 recent changes are, Personnel Avatar in SMS Added language support for French, German, […] Read More

springflash 1

Turn your stactic wallpaper into 3D using DeepEnd by Ryan Petrich. DeepEnd uses iPhone 4's GyroScope to change the orientation of your homescreen wallpaper which gives a look of beautiful 3D wallpapers. With DeepEnd installed the Wallpaper becomes more lively and react to even smallest movements of iPhone 4. DeepEnd can be further customized by going to iPhone Settings > […] Read More

SpringFlash thumb

BigBoss has created a simple LED utility which turns your iPhone 4 LED into a flash light whenever you need it. The Free Jailbreak application is called SpringFlash which takes advantage of iPhone 4's LED to turn it onto Flashlight. SpringFlash integrates itself with Activator and double clicking power button activates LED Flash. You can change this […] Read More

Shrink thumb

If you have installed large number of applications and feel that there is enough roam avaiable but the size of icons could have been smaller then Jailbreak community has to offer you Shrink APplication which allows you to reduce the size of applcations. Although there are utilities like Iconoclasm which allow you to have more […] Read More

MultiCleaner thumb

Since inception of iOS 4 multitasking has become a hot favorite feature of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch however if you are having large number of applications and you frequently use most of them you will notice that keeping those applications running at background takes ample amount of memory. Therefore you need memory management and […] Read More

Iconoclasm 3

Apple iOS only allows you to rearrange the icons from one location to another however there are no specific layout options available. Although jailbreak community has provided the option to theme the interface using Winterboard which transforms the icons and user interface with stunning visuals however icon arrangement is still a no go option. Therefore Icon arrangement utility has been […] Read More

Voice Memos thumb

If you are fan of Voice Recorder utility that comes with the iOS then this small little Jailbreak Tweak called iPod Memos will be quite handy for you. iPod Memos provides you with the ability to add your Voice Memos to your iPod Application. Now some of you might say whats the the utility in […] Read More

ArrangeStatusBar 0.5 thumb

ArrangeStatusBar allows you to arrange status bar icons according to your wish. Native iOS does not allow you to play with notification system and status bar icons however this Jailbreak tweak gives the control in your hand. Notably users who have migrated from other operating systems e.g. Android, Symbian, Blackberry etc are well conversant with different icon arrangement therefore they can rearrange the […] Read More

yourtube 2 thumb

YourTube is one of the most popular tweak for downloading Youtube Videos within native YouTube application for later offline viewing however for last couple of months since inception of iOS 4.3.x YourTube 2.0 was not supported to run the downloaded videos. Few moments ago the Tweak has been upgraded to a major revision YourTube 3.0. Some of the major […] Read More

iphone3gs 720p

Launch of iPhone 4 marked the advent of official 720p HD Video recording however if you look at the spec sheet of iPhone 3GS ARM Cortex processor [PDF Spec] you will be surprised to know that it is capable of handling 720p HD video recording however that feature was suppressed by Apple for iPhone 3GS. This artificial limitation on iPhone […] Read More

InstallFrash0.02 thumb

Last month we covered How to run Flash Web Content on iPhone using SkyFire Web browser but now its running flash content right on Safari and other iPhone native applications. Folks at Grant Pannell site have managed to compile complete iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPod Touch 3 version of Flash dubbed as "Frash" which in itself is […] Read More


iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS Contact, SMS, Favorites, Calls & Facetime present a gloomy bunch of data without contact pictures displayed along with as available in Google Android, Symbian, Blackberry and other renowned handsets. As always Jailbreak community is here to provide the same functionality using Copic (short form of Contact Picture) which allows you to display contact picture within […] Read More

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