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Siri Assistant feature has become one of the main reason for selling record breaking 4 million iPhone 4S during first weekend of its launch. Although feature has brought a lot of attraction for the iPhone users but there is something that you must need to know while using it. You might have already noticed that […] Read More

How to Make Custom Siri Commands the New Way

iphone 4s siri

Siri has been the most discussed feature of iPhone 4S and iOS 5 and since its inception hackers community are working hard to port it to older Apple devices including iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. However this time its not about port rather its about making custom Siri commands by learning in the new way. […] Read More

iphone 4s siri

Moments ago we reported that Siri has been successfully ported on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch however folks at 9to5Mac were really fast in demonstrating a comparison video of Siri running on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 which show that the response time is almost the same. So the ones who are still […] Read More

Siri Apple TV

Few hours back we had posted procedure to install Siri (GUI Only) onto your iphone 4 and iPod Touch however now finally the iPhone unofficial developers community have managed to port Siri on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch along with connectivity to Apple Servers to get response. Steven Troughton-Smith along with Chpwn had made […] Read More

Best Top 10 Hidden Siri commands


You might be enjoying Siri by using routine basic commands however there is a lot more hidden underneath Siri which you might have thought after watching Jonathan Sing for Siri. Therefore we have thought to share some hidden commands like "Will you Marry Me". [Punctuation/symbols/emoticons]. Siri can understand many basic symbols, emoticons and punctuation marks, […] Read More

Apple working on Siri enabled Apple TV launch by late 2012 [Report]

Apple TV Rental

It was the Apple ex CEO and the co-founder of the company Steve Jobs said to Walter Isaacson, the authorized biographer “I finally cracked it” and to be honest it was about the upcoming integration of Siri with Apple TV. It means complete Voice Assisted TV will be hitting out home by end next years […] Read More

Jonathan Mann Sings With Siri


Apple iPhone 4S loaded with iOS 5 has brought one of the coolest feature name "Siri Voice Assitant" which has already taken a lot of attention all around the world. This feature has not only forced people to upgrade from existing iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S but also surprise the mobile world with their record 4 Million handsets […] Read More

Tell Siri to Update your Twitter Status[How to Tutorial]


One of the main reason iPhone 4 users want to upgrade their phones to Apple's latest iPhone 5 is Siri voice Assistant feature. Hackers have already started working on how to port Siri on iPhone 4 and already shared some video showing successful port on iPhone 4. At same time we have been reporting you […] Read More

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