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galaxy S II skyrocket

Recently we reported you about Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy S II HD LTE handsets announced earlier only for South Korean market. Both handsets were equipped with 1.5GHz processor along with LTE and NFC support. Now things have started spreading across other continents as Samsung and AT&T has announced LTE enabled Galaxy S II Skyrocket which is even faster, bigger and operates on high-speed […] Read More


Samsung is all set to compete with Apple iOS 5 as well as iPhone 4S and iPad 2 by launching IceCream Sandwich with Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab variants. So finally all the hard work by Samsung has paid off as they have surpassed Apple in Q3 2011 Sales. Results of the top 3 […] Read More

IceCream Sandwich

IceCream Sandwich update is the next big thing for Android Smartphone users and especially for existing Android Device owners. IceCream Sandwich update has been released couple of weeks ago which including some new features, applications, performance upgrades and bug fixes which was supported by Samsung Galaxy Nexus as the first Smartphone to receive the update. […] Read More

Samsung Stratosphere thumb

Samsung has recently launched Stratosphere 4G smartphone on Verizon Wireless and developers of popular Rootzwiki  forums have been able to get the root access on Android 2.3.5. Follow the below mentioned step by step guide on how to Root Samsung Stratosphere 4G on Android 2.3.5. IMPORTANT:- THE PROCEDURE I AM GOING TO WRITE NOW IS ALL […] Read More

Samsung Announced Transform Ultra for Sprint

Samsung Transform Ultra

Samsung has announced another Android 2.3 powered smartphone called Transform Ultra for Sprint customers. Device is equipped with 1GHz processor and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. A rear 3-megapixel camera along with secondary front-facing VGA camera add a video chat support between different devices. It has 3.5-inch touchscreen display with an HVGA resolution with 2GB of on-board storage and 512MB of RAM. […] Read More

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google and Samsung announced the latest Android IceCream sandwich along with Samsung Galaxy Nexus which will be the next flagship smartphone for Samsung equipped with Android IceCream Sandwich during joint media event at HongKong today. Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be the first device to be shipped with IceCream Sandwich featuring huge 4.65 inch display Super […] Read More


Patent ware between Apple and Samsung is growing day by day and both mobile phone manufacturers are up against each other. Recently we reported you that Apple has successfully manged to block the sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia due to infringement of Apple’s iPad 2 designs features, touchscreen and multi-touch technology, Samsung used in Galaxy Tab 10.1. Similar […] Read More


It was all started when Blackberry launched its native Blackberry Messenger(BBM) services which provides free messaging services between all blackberry devices over the internet. BBM service turned out to be successful and become so much popular among all blackberry users. This made other mobile manufacturer convinced to introduce similar kind of services. As a result of that recently Apple's […] Read More


It seems like this mobile processor war is never going to end and would rather catch more speed in days to come. Recently Apple has announced next generation iPhone 4S in order to compete with most popular Samsung Galaxy S II as both are equipped with Dual Core chips. We have even reported you a comparisons between […] Read More


Apple has launched its Next Generation iPhone 4S running latest iOS 5 operating system in "Lets talk iPhone" event. Now its Samsung's turn because people are anxiously waiting for Google's event(October 11) in which much awaited Android device called Nexus Prime(Galaxy Nexus), running next version of  Android OS called Ice Cream Sandwich, will be announced to compete with iPhone 4S. […] Read More

Samsung’s Attempt to Ban iPhone 4S in Italy, France

iPhone 4S Pics

Previously we have reporting you about ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany and Australia due to infringement of Apple’s iPad 2 designs.  Samsung has to face the penalty but in retaliation Samsung has also filed some patent infringements against Apple. They have filed two separate motions for preliminary injunctions in Paris and Milan in an attempt to bar sales of the […] Read More

Windows Phone 7

DLNA feature for sharing music and videos over the air was recently offered by Samsung to Windows Phone users. But unfortunately it does not work on some Samsung devices and return an error if you try to use the service and users were left deprived of a powerful media sharing facility. Now after putting lots of […] Read More

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