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OS X Lion


Recently we have covered a story about release of OS X Lion with iCloud Beta 6 release by Apple. Things are coming too fast and now apple has release new seed of OS X Lion 10.7.2 and a new beta of iCloud for Mac users. These new updates are released exclusively for Developers and can bedownloaded from the Apple Developer […] Read More


If you are a MAC user then you must have heard about a new Trojan pop up at MAC OS X. This time the Trojan developing firm have cleverly used Flash Media Player to transfer their Trojans to the MAC Computers. This newly identified Trojan just pops up the fake Flash Media Player installation and later on interrupting users while serving internet Once the […] Read More

Lion Recovery Disk

Good news for those who can't use the  web-based recovery tool available for OS X Lion operating system. Apple has now released a new application for Mac OS Lion through which users can create their own OS X Lion recovery/installation external drives. Recovery/Installation external drive provides following main salient features:- 1-   It allows you to completely […] Read More


Airdrop feature in Mac OS X Lion is considered as the most handy and quickest way of sharing files between Mac System.  Best part of this feature is, sharing user doesn't have to be on same Wi-Fi network. All it requires is Wifi hardware between the sharing systems. Basically it work on Adhoc mode and uses […] Read More


Since OS X Lion Server release alongside the standard version of Lion, It has not gotten much attention. However, Lion users will be happy to know that you can actually manage your iOS device’s settings straight from OS X Lion Server. The basic aim of providing such a feature seems to be heading towards system […] Read More

How to Re-Enable Your Library Folder In OS X Lion


OS X Lion has come up with many improvements and new features but at the same time Apple has also removed or hide away some old features. It includes the most important "library" folder which has disappeared in new OS X Lion. The reason to hide away this folder to stop users messing with the system. However, […] Read More

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OS X Lion is being acclaimed as the most protected operating system launched so far, not just from Apple, but in total. OS X Lion is build with FileVault Encrypted system which using Advance Encryption Standard(AES) algorithm with a key derived from users login password. Moreover, it uses encrypted file system gets mounted and unmounted when the user […] Read More

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