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Minecraft, the most popular world building game which was initially released for Android has today been released for iOS devices. Minecraft allows you to build world around your self using different backpacks available to you including blocks, constructions material, graffiti and collectables to create parks, buildings and terrains. One of the major feature of the […] Read more

Jailbreak community had come up with an idea of saving the authenticity/verification signatures of iOS named as Blobs. Blobs are basically 1024 bits RSA signatures used for verification of validity of firmware being installed. So the simple theme is, if you have your SHSH blobs saved you can revert back to older firmware. For example if you have […] Read more

If you daily office routine makes you handle business cards then you can benefit from LinkedIn CardMunch, Business Card Reader Application which allows you to fetch details from Business cards and storing it into LinkedIn profile so that you can access the personal profile of the individuals. CardMunch Application was purchased by LinkedIn as the application was […] Read more

90’s was the time of Atari’s reign which continued with Asteroids Gunner as one of the most popular game title released therefore they have thought of releasing the title for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The legendary game gives you field to fight with asteroids and aliens all together for survival of you race. So all […] Read more

It was not long ago that Facebook launched its timeline feature during f8 conference for desktop and laptop users which was one of the featured update for Facebook. Now Facebook has decided to bring the feature to iOS devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application as reported by BusinessInsider. According to the report the feature […] Read more

Ever wondered keeping track of installed and deleted application or games which you didn’t like for some reason and later forgot. So one way is to try again and waste some time before you come to know that you had previously installed and removed the application. But now Jailbreak community has resolved this problem in […] Read more

In the past we had reviewed many Jailbreak tweaks related to iPhone Messaging including BiteSMS, LockMessages, iBlacklist, iScheduledSMS etc however one of the most important feature of message sent notifications had not been tightly integrated into iOS 5 either therefore folks at Jailbreak community have come up with Jailbreak tweak called SMS Confirmation which integrates […] Read more

AT&T has just launched ‘AT&T Call International’ VoIP service which allows you to make international calls from your AT&T device using WiFi connection anywhere in the world. The call rates AT&T will offer using this Application will be comparatively much cheeper especially over the landlines. Customers will get the Bills to their credit cards linked with […] Read more

iPhone 4S was surely a success however “nothing is perfect in this world” and now the same can be called true for Apple as iOS 5 along with iPhone 4S brings Battery issues on some devices. The severity of Battery issues can be well judged from even 10% battery drop per hours resulting in complete […] Read more

Apple Store Application for iOS which allows you to purchase Apple products including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Macbook has been updated with version 2.0. With this upgrade one of the major feature of EasyPay self checkout had been introduced which allows you to scan the bar code of the product you re interested in […] Read more

As we have recently reported that Panorama Mode in iOS 5 has been found so now Chpwn has developed simple Jailbreak tweak named Firebreak to enable the tweak. Panorama mode allows to you to take Panoramic pictures covering 360 degree scope which has been implemented in iOS 5 using simple shot and rotating the device […] Read more

Unique and Stylish iPhone Wallet fits well into your Pocket [Gadgets]

After the launch of iPhone 4S manufacturers all over the world are focusing the device to bring up new products and iPhone Wallet by Waterfield Designs is one unique and stylish case built for the device. It not only keeps your stuff tidy but also places you iPhone in such a way that screen is usable […] Read more


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