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If you are an iPhone user and you are facing problem with duplicate contacts in iPhone then Alittera has come up with an application called “Duplicate Remover and Merger Pro” which enables you to remove and merge all your duplicate contacts. Duplicate Remover and Merger PRO will remove and merge duplicate contacts in just one tap. Even […] Read more

Parrot’s AR.Drone is one of the best Quadricopter  available a t the moment but the price tag of 300 US$ is a little to high to spend on this little gadget therefore iHelicopter by MicroSIMCutter.com has come into action with almost same functionality and a fair enough price tag of 59US$. iHelicopter can be controlled using a free controller applications for iPhone, iPad […] Read more

If you are among the ones who need separate GPS application to see your velocity while on the move than “Speed for Maps” will be a nice little Cydia Jailbreak tweak for you. We have already covered some of the best Must have Cydia tweaks in our earlier posts. Cydia tweaks add the last end missing components into the stock applications as in […] Read more

Bandito is a music application for iOS to provide you with latest news and releases according to songs already stored in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch library. Bandito sensible searches for Bands, Genre and Music you have stored in your library and using the same as reference searches for similar contents over the internet. When the application is installed for the first time it […] Read more

Gmail For Mobile Web Has Been Updated

Google has updated its Gmail App for Mobile Web. The new interface looks very similar to the Google Honeycomb version of Gmail feature which includes window panes and email previews. One of the main feature which is included in updated version of Gmail is “pull down to refresh” way of refresh your inbox. Further detail of […] Read more

Find my Mac launched after success of Find my iPhone for iCloud.com

Recently we have talked about iCloud web access and iCloud services which have gained a nice support by Apple community. And now we have another major upgradation in iCloud services that you can fird your lost Macbook Air or Mac desktop using Find my Mac service. Find my Mac service is integrated in iCloud and works on same architecture already used for […] Read more

You must have already been familiar with Jailbreak utilities like iFile, Safari Download Manager  in which your iDevices works very similar to what you do in computer/laptop. These two Cydia Apps allows you manually download files in iPhone, edit them and move them around from one folder to another. However, until now there has been no […] Read more

EasyFindOnPage Makes Your Search Convenient

If you are a frequent user of  Find in this page , or search page function and you prefer to use it more often because it quickly searches a word or phrase within a web page without having to scroll the entire page. Apple implemented this function in with release of iOS 4 about year ago. In order to make […] Read more

If you are tired of sending SMS from your iPhone then don’t worry we have another more convenient solution for you. A new Jailbreak tweak called “WifiSMS” has been released which gives you an exact replica of iPhone Messaging System.  As a result, you get an instantly familiar with the interface much quickly unlike apps like […] Read more

Just few moments ago Apple has upgraded its Apple TV firmware to 4.3 with new features and enhancements, and on the go it was spotted streaming your purchased TV shows on all iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod which came as a surprise. Usually Apple gives a public announcement on such major revisions but this feature was embedded as routine. But recently it […] Read more

If you have deleted your most important SMS or Text Message and want to get it back on your iPhone then “YES” iPhone Jailbreak community has done it once again. Now you can recover your Deleted or Lost Text Messages back on your iPhone with a Cydia application called “Undelete” SMS. It offers some relief […] Read more

Justin Bieber, one of the most renowned young male singer who debuted at number one, within the top ten of several countries and also a chart-topping itunes artist has been spotted of using jailbroken iPhone. He has been spotted by iDownloadBlog and seems that it was not a little JailbreakMe action. The gloss-lipped, helmet-haired muppet with […] Read more


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