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This is one of the most fascinating tweak for iPhone and iPod Touch which reminds you of good old school days when TV used to be of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology. TV Tube Sleep turn your iPhone or iPod off in the same mode like old TV used to switch off by displaying white line and converging in […] Read more

If you are a frequent user of Facebook messaging service on your iPhone and so far you have found it difficult to use then you might want to try a new standalone Facebook Messenger App officially released for iOS and Android. Previously, Facebook Messaging service was considered only a small part of whole Facebook application. However, […] Read more

  Good news to those who owns an iPhone, ipad, iPod Touch and use Messaging service on frequent basis. An application called Textoo Pro provides great texting capabilities has been made available on App store. This powerful applications allows you send free of cost Text Messages to most of the mobiles around the world. It lets you to send […] Read more

Jailbreak provides you with tweaks and apps that Apple does not support for example Bluetooth file transfer application but Installous is the real threat to Apple as it provides you all the paid Appstore Applications for free trial. By trial it means you have to show courtesy for purchase otherwise applications will keep on working with full functionality forever. Installous 4 […] Read more

The FBI Releases The Child ID iPhone App

FBI has its first iPhone app called FBI Child ID which provides a convenient place to store electronic pictures and important information about your child so that it can be used in case your child goes missing. One can call it as a digital passport which contains all information about your children. Not only you can store […] Read more

A new Cydia Tweak has made it possible to share your latest pictures on ImageShack, one of the most important website for sharing images. This tweak allows you, as the name suggests, to upload your latest images directly from the native library. Once you install the tweak, it will create a new tab called “upload” […] Read more

If you are a music fan you must have noticed that jiggling with songs is a bit inconvenient in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as you have to enter Multitasking Menu by Double tapping the Home button and on sliding right you can see Song Shuffle Menu as shown below, But reaching this menu is quite a cumbersome excersie […] Read more

Apple notification system is in debate since its inception at the time of Appstore launch but over past few years this notification system needs major redesigning which is on the way in iOS 5. Apple shows updates in the form of numbers on the top of Springboard icons e.g. if there are 29 updates in […] Read more

We have recently covered iCloud in detail including iCloud Launch, iCloud TV, iCloud Web Access, iCloud integration and iCloud Find my Mac Service. Now Apple has allowed developers to migrate their MobileMe accounts to iCloud via new portal  MobileMe Move. In this process Apple will migrate your Mail, Contacts and Calender entries to iCloud whereas users can keep using iWeb, iDisk, and […] Read more

Recently we have posted the iOS 5 Beta 5 has been released by Apple alongside iTunes 10.5 Beta 5 has been released. iOS 5 Beta 5 has option of update Over the Air however if you choose to upgrade it through iTunes then Apple recommends to first upgrade iTunes to 10.5 Beta 5. iTunes 10.5 Beta 5 […] Read more

Earlier today Apple released iOS 5 Beta 5 which is the 4th revision for developers. The main feature included in fifth release of iOS 5 is hearing Aid mode under accessibility items and rest are minor modifications in iCloud-Calender sync, Photo Management, iCloud Storage, GPS Location Management, Springboard, UI Animations and UI Graphics. How to Install For developers […] Read more

iSHSHit Application has been updated to save iOS 4.3.5 and 4.2.10 SHSH Blobs which has been recently released by Apple for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod TOuch 3, iPod Touch 4, iPad 2 and iPad. SHSH blobs are needed if you want to downgrade your device from higher version then you would be requiring SHSH blobs. Simply download iSHSHit application […] Read more


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