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Call Delete & Recent/CallLog Delete allows you to delete calls from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s native application. Originally in iOS you can only delete all call logs but there are times when you want to delete only one or two entries then Call Delete comes handly.            Both applications adds and Edit button on the top right […] Read more

If you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but are going crazy for Android Lockscreen then Jailbreak community has to offer you AndroidLock XT. iOS provides you only with the ability to use numbers as pass code where as Android provides patterns from unlocking and are quite fascinating for Apple users. AndroidLock XT is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad […] Read more

At time you mistakenly press the close button in safari and the site you were browsing is gone with the wind. Searching the last browsed page in Safari and re accessing it is not a simple job. But now its the problem for the past as the Jailbreak community has come up with a solution to Restore Tabs in Safari. Restore Tab is a Jailbreak […] Read more

Recently we have Facebook Messenger for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but the chat functionality it provided was limited to messages and voice chat. TinyChat has come up with the functionality of performing Video chat up 12 online Facebook friends right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. TinyChat does not require any kind of setup you simply […] Read more

Folders were introduced in iOS 4.x to efficiently handle applications on springboard. Multitasking was introduced in iOS 3.x since then the need for Folders was a big question mark. But with the induction of folders there were limitations like maximum 9 icons in the folder and no sub folders were implemented by Apple. This gap has been filled by Folder Enhancer […] Read more

Apple Patents The SIM-less iPhone

Today we had reported that Apple has filed a patent application for pico projectors and now its SIM-less iPhone. SIM-less iPhone is an idea which might come to reality some day this news has been discovered by AppleInsider which will give Apple an edge over the other operating Systems and complete control over carriers as well. By […] Read more

A recent Apple patent filing revealed that Apple is planning to create concept of shared work space by introducing Pico-Projectors in their next generation iPhone and iPad devices. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office a patenet application titled “Projected Display Shared Workspaces” has been filled on Thursday 11th Aug 2011. This application describes incorporation of Pico-projectors to create s shared work […] Read more

You might have already used iTunes directory to browse, discover, and download podcasts but yet to find away to subscribe to the podcast’s feed directly from your iDevice. However, as always every requirement can be converted into an app. An application called iCatcher has been made available on App store for the same purpose iCatcher is a […] Read more

“Navigation and Maps users for iPhone, iPad or iPod” we have another good news for you after Speed for Maps now there is also a Jailbreak tweak to display Directions overlay onto native Maps Application called Compass for Maps. This Jailbreak tweak is only available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4 as they are the only ones […] Read more

We have told you about Chpwn’s InfiniDock and InfiniFolders but this time its something big which impacts complete GUI of native Apple iOS. If you are impressed with your friends Android vertical scroll now you can have the same functionality in your iPhone and iPod Touch using InfiniBoard.        InfiniBoard allows you to add unlimited […] Read more

Recently we have covered InfiniDock which allows you to add unlimited icons in Dock and now its Folders turn to get 12 apps in one folder application again developed by Chpwn. Same as InfiniDock if you have large number of applications on your iPhone or iPod Touch and its becoming difficult to manage them you can add InfiniDock […] Read more

InfiniDock is a remarkable Dock Icon Scrolling Jailbreak Application which allows you to add infinite number of applications in your Dock as shortcut. Normally iPhone and iPod Dock is restricted to have maximum of 4 applications but with InfiniDock you can add any number of Applications you like and you can scroll left or right […] Read more


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