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Typing unorthodox SMS, eMail, Documents, Web forms etc using Apple predictive text input can some time become very painstaking job therefore people at SmileOnMyMac Inc have introduced a small little utility, TextExpander, to add custom typing shortcuts & abbreviation.TextExtender creates a library of shortcuts defined by yourself and they can be used within Apple native applications as well as 100 […] Read more

ArrangeStatusBar allows you to arrange status bar icons according to your wish. Native iOS does not allow you to play with notification system and status bar icons however this Jailbreak tweak gives the control in your hand. Notably users who have migrated from other operating systems e.g. Android, Symbian, Blackberry etc are well conversant with different icon arrangement therefore they can rearrange the […] Read more

LinkedIn one of the most popular social network website has completely revamped their iPhone and Android Apps. The newly updated app has brought better speed, greater simplicity and the most awaited feature; Groups. Moreover, LinkedIn also launched a brand new HTML5 mobile website which gives a very refreshing look at first sight. If you are permanent LinkedIn users […] Read more

YourTube is one of the most popular tweak for downloading Youtube Videos within native YouTube application for later offline viewing however for last couple of months since inception of iOS 4.3.x YourTube 2.0 was not supported to run the downloaded videos. Few moments ago the Tweak has been upgraded to a major revision YourTube 3.0. Some of the major […] Read more

Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks and applications gives you the opportunity to keep on customizing your iOS device and never would let you get bored of it, doesn’t matter if you owns an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Today, we are going to brief you about a jailbreak tweak called “iStartupMovie“, allows you to set and play any […] Read more

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS Contact, SMS, Favorites, Calls & Facetime present a gloomy bunch of data without contact pictures displayed along with as available in Google Android, Symbian, Blackberry and other renowned handsets. As always Jailbreak community is here to provide the same functionality using Copic (short form of Contact Picture) which allows you to display contact picture within […] Read more

The best thing about Jailbreaking iOS Device is that it gives you the ability to customize it as per your own desire. It completely revamp your iOS device look by installing customized themes, getting live weather, notifications, launching applications by simple gestures etc. Today we are going to bring another classic Tweak called “IconCommands”. This […] Read more

Recently we have covered a Jailbreak tweak called LockInfo which enables you to customize your Lockscreen and get SMS, eMail, Twitter, Weather Notifications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Today we have discovered a new powerful jailbreak Tweak developed by “imrel0ad”  for a new iOS 5 Notification called BBSettings which looks like a new and […] Read more

LockGestures is acclaimed as one of the best Cydia Tweak developed by Akhil Tolani which gives you option to take actions by making gestures while your iOS device is at Lockscreen state. Basically, it gives you a quicker way  to launch apps from your iPhone’s lockscreen without even unlocking your iPhone. The salient features that “LockGestures” provides are […] Read more

Recently we have covered YourTube 2.0 & YourTube HD as the native YouTube application does not allow downloading of videos however yet YourTube is not compatible with iOS 4.3.x. Therefore MxTube 2.0 is here for the rescue. Unlike YourTube MxTube does not integrate into native YouTube application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch rather its […] Read more

You might have come across a situation where you would need to download YouTube videos but in native YouTube Application you dont have any option to download them. YourTube a Jailbreak Tweak is here to provide the missing functionality. YourTube adds additional Download tab in native YouTube Application for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.YourTube 2 is the […] Read more

Apple native Lockscreen is limited to Extra Large Clock and Slide to unlock Slider which is not a very effective way of utilization of Lockscreen hence LockInfo by David Ashman Jailbreak Tweak provides you with lots of useful information right on the Lockscreen to provide you with quick access to information. LockInfo has been recently updated by […] Read more


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