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iPhone 4S

Recently we had reported that Apple is testing Siri onto older devices including iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4 through an internal firmware build. However now 9to5Mac has reported that Apple at least for now does not plan to build Siri Voice Assistant feature into older devices. The confirmation came from Apple developer  Michael […] Read more

Siri Assistant feature has become one of the main reason for selling record breaking 4 million iPhone 4S during first weekend of its launch. Although feature has brought a lot of attraction for the iPhone users but there is something that you must need to know while using it. You might have already noticed that […] Read more

How to Make Custom Siri Commands the New Way

Siri has been the most discussed feature of iPhone 4S and iOS 5 and since its inception hackers community are working hard to port it to older Apple devices including iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. However this time its not about port rather its about making custom Siri commands by learning in the new way. […] Read more

We have been keeping a close eye on all the developments regarding Siri feature port on iPhone 4. Couple of days back we reported you that developers which includes Steven Troughton-Smith and Chpwn have been successfully able to port most popular Siri feature on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch devices along with connectivity to Apple Servers to get response. […] Read more

iPhone 4S is the flagship Smartphone by Apple which has been recently launched along with iOS 5 and featuring iCloud, Siri, faster processor and 8 MP Camera making it one of the best Apple device available in the market. Currently iPhone 4S is available in 29 countries around the globe and now it has been […] Read more

Ever since the iPhone 4S has been launched by Apple number of users are reporting that iPhone 4S battery barely lasts for even one day which is even less than iPhone 4. However the specifications of iPhone 4S says some thing contrary to the performance therefore something within the software functionality is wrong which as […] Read more

Here is the good news we have all been waiting for Anxiously, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running on iOS 5 has been Jailbroken and Cydia has been installation on both devices have been demonstrated by Dev Team. Although the demonstration of Cydia installation on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are still at very early […] Read more

Everyone is interested to see the new iOS Jailbroken and that too untethered on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as well as iPhone 4 running on iOS 4.3.4 and above. Although no one has got concrete information as when this will happen but a recent tweet by GreenPois0n says it all that the new Jailbreak work is in […] Read more

iPhone 4S in Space [Video]

If you are a regular follower then i am sure you must be enjoying all iPhone 4S related stories. Few hours ago we shared one of the most interesting story about iPhone 4S in which singer Jonathan Mann Singing With Siri. Now we have another extraordinary story to share about Apple’s iPhone 4S. A YouTube user […] Read more

Jonathan Mann Sings With Siri

Apple iPhone 4S loaded with iOS 5 has brought one of the coolest feature name “Siri Voice Assitant” which has already taken a lot of attention all around the world. This feature has not only forced people to upgrade from existing iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S but also surprise the mobile world with their record 4 Million handsets […] Read more

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test Video

When iPhone 4 was launched back in June 24, 2010, critics had rejected its design and physical outlook due to the use of  chemically strengthened thin glass sheet on the front which analyst says 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. The overall body was made up of Glass+Plastic+ metal combo which suppose to make it more […] Read more

4 Million iPhone 4S Sold During First Weekend

We are talking about Apple’s latest iPhone 4S which was supposed to be take as not more than an upgraded model of iPhone 4 has brought some interesting and unexpected sales results during first weekend of its launch. Apple has just announced that 4 Million iPhone 4S handsets have been sold in just three days of […] Read more


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