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MissedReminder Flash Icon

At time you can miss an incoming call without even noticing the alert and ringtone but there is no repetitive notinifcation which informs you that you had a missed call therefore Jailbreak community has come up with MissedReminder Jailbreak Tweak for iPhone. MissedReminder allows you to set repetitive reminders which play a short tone after defined interval, display visual […] Read More

Speed Test – iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS


Its been more than a year since iPhone 4 is out but some of us are still confused the speed and performance difference between these two devices. Although the difference between a 1GHz and a 600 Mhz  processor along with 512 MB and 256 MB RAM respectively is a huge difference but the comparison based on hardware optimization based on iOS is still worth comparing. For the same […] Read More

springflash 1

Turn your stactic wallpaper into 3D using DeepEnd by Ryan Petrich. DeepEnd uses iPhone 4's GyroScope to change the orientation of your homescreen wallpaper which gives a look of beautiful 3D wallpapers. With DeepEnd installed the Wallpaper becomes more lively and react to even smallest movements of iPhone 4. DeepEnd can be further customized by going to iPhone Settings > […] Read More

SpringFlash thumb

BigBoss has created a simple LED utility which turns your iPhone 4 LED into a flash light whenever you need it. The Free Jailbreak application is called SpringFlash which takes advantage of iPhone 4's LED to turn it onto Flashlight. SpringFlash integrates itself with Activator and double clicking power button activates LED Flash. You can change this […] Read More

My3G thumb

Facetime was introduced with iPhone 4 launch but the service was limited to Wifi usage only. As Facetime calls are only destined within Apple devices therefore additional limitation of usage on Wifi only further reduced the usability of Facetime service. As native iOS for iPhone 4 wont allow you to make or received Facetime calls on the […] Read More

bitesms thumb

SMS we love you there are more than 142 Billion SMS sent per year only in China and for iPhone SMS application is lacking far behind in advanced features. iPhone iOS 4 SMS application is limited to Compose, Send , Received & Delivery reports however advanced features like Scheduled SMS, Privacy, Pass Code, Quick Compose Shortcuts & our most loved feature […] Read More

InstallFrash0.02 thumb

Last month we covered How to run Flash Web Content on iPhone using SkyFire Web browser but now its running flash content right on Safari and other iPhone native applications. Folks at Grant Pannell site have managed to compile complete iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPod Touch 3 version of Flash dubbed as "Frash" which in itself is […] Read More

Barrel (5)

Got Bored using iOS static springboard icons, Jailbreak community has to offer you Barrel Application developed by Aaron Ash which started few month ago from a simple 3D Cube effect and now upgraded to provide you 16 mind blowing 3D effects on your springboard icons. Barrel 1.5.7 is similar to Compiz effects on Linux. Barrel provides following 3D […] Read More

CallBar Thumb

CallBar is one of the most anticipated tweak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as it allows you to place uninterrupted display of incoming voice and Facetime calls using a CallBar on the top of Status bar as shown in snap below, There might be time when you are doing important stuff on your iPhone and all of […] Read More


iPhone 4 is equipped with LED Flash light which is built for taking snaps in low light conditions but you might want yo use it on a dark night as Flashlight. To turn the LED light into Flashlight take quite number of steps however in order to avoid that cumbersome activity Jailbreak community has come […] Read More


We had given a list of some of the most elegant iPhone & iPod winterboard themes last month and now we would bring another bunch of themes from ZiON HD Series, ZiON Series is a collection of 4 themes, ZiON Sunset HD ZiON Sunrise HD ZiON Eclipse HD ZiON Dusk HD All of these themes […] Read More

Multiflow Thumb

Apple has introduced multitasking since induction of iOS 3.x in which multiple applications could run at the background and in order to switch betweek them Doulble Tap Home button would bring running apps icons in place of Dock.Native application multitasking switcher does not provide you with requisite information rather only icons are shown for the background running applications. Jailbreak community has come up […] Read More

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