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iPhone 3G

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed for iPhone and iPod

If you are a a game enthusiastic that you definitively would be knowing Need for Speed. More than a decade ago when the Need for Speed 2 appeared for PC it was a charm to play the game. Need for Speed Shift 2 is now available for iPhone and iPod. So burn the rubbers and make a top name […] Read more

Are you annoyed with unknown or telemarketing calls and sms then Jailbreak community has to offer you a remarkable SMS and Call Blocker Application iBlacklist. iBlacklist gives you a variety of options for rejecting, accept and rejecting, voice mail or busy tone  etc. Moreover you can add blacklist contacts from your phonebook or even block […] Read more

If you have unlocked your iPhone through an unauthorized carrier then you might have observed that you are not getting Push Notifications. The main reason behind this malfunctioning is, when you unlocked your phone through an unofficial carrier, your push notifications functionality in most of the cases stopped working. You might have also tried to resolve it by installing Cydia […] Read more

Apple is quickly releasing the beta version of iOS 5 which gives the feeling that Apple is getting closer to release a public version of its next iOS for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.  Recently we have posted the iOS 5 Beta 5 has been released  by Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Within few of its […] Read more

Bluelounge has come up with a brilliant idea of cable free charging dock that is directly connected to charger via your existing USB power adapter. The MiniDock connects directly with your Original Power Adapter and the iPhone or oPod sits over the MiniDock as shown in snap below. This allows you to free the space cluttered with […] Read more

Ringtones in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are limited to few already present in by default within iOS  release. However to add ringtone in that list is a cumbersome exercise by using iTunes Sync through PC or Mac. Therefore Jailbreak community has to offer you AnyRing applications.           AnyRing allows you to […] Read more

If you are an iPhone user you know its a precious piece of electronics and Apple knows your concern therfor they have come up with Find you iPhone service which can help you locate pin point location of your iPhone as well as lock, wipe or display your message on your iPhone. Till last year this service use to […] Read more

We have covered unlocking iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G via Ultrasn0w however if at time you don’t have internet access then the procedure explained in earlier post wont work but there is a work around. Using Ultrasn0w you can unlock iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G on basebands below, iPhone 4 – Baseband 01.59.00 iPhone 3GS & […] Read more

iSpirit by iThemeSky is Windows based iPhone Application, Themes and File manager which allows you single click drag drop access to your content saved on iPhone, iPad or iPod. iSpirit as described officially, iSpirit is a iPhone manager developed for Windows. iSpirit help you install iPhone apps, download & install iPhone themes and manage iPhone files. It […] Read more

Since the launch of iOS 3 Apple has extended the capability of iPhone & iPod Touch Games to multi-player mode using Bluetooth and Wifi. This change also brought the famous Game Center in the limelight in which you can see your rankings in different games compared to your friends as well as users all over […] Read more

If you recall good old days of Nokia Smartphone reign you must be aware of a feature of Sending I’m Busy SMS on Arrival of Call. Apple has forgot such small tweaks which can make your life easier by avoiding multiple clicks. Jailbreak community has come up with a solution to this issue using a simple tweak […] Read more

You might have noticed that during Custom or stock iOS 4 Firmware restore your restore stops while giving you 3194 error in iTunes. If you are well conversant with Jailbreak these errors are routine. These errors might show up while you are restoring a custom firmware made using Pwnage Tool or Snowbreeze. These errors are related to incomplete […] Read more


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