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If you are already familiar with Facebook Live and Periscope feature, giving opportunity to the streamers to view live comments from viewers then YouTube users won’t have to wait long for this feature.  Thursday, during its VidCon keynote address, YouTube has announced that its application is going to be updated soon which will add brand new live streaming option which will let users to easily […] Read more

Having 900 million users communicate with other in a month, Messenger app still failed to recognize itself independent from it’s main Facebook app. However, it seems like things are going to be changed very soon. New Facebook Messenger update is bringing tons of new features which includes  new Home, favorites and birthday reminder tabs which may minimize it dependency on […] Read more

iPhone and iPad users ,who use Adobe’s Lightroom,can now update their photo workflow software ,which will now allow users to have extra 3D Touch commands and Full resolution output. Both the iPad and iPhone support full –resolution export ,however this option is only available for those images that have been imported and have the same […] Read more

The previously XBMC media centre platform- now popularly known as Kodi ,has been upgraded to Jarvis(or version 16.0).This Version 16.0 brings an immense range of improvements “both behind the scene “ and a few user-facing ones as well. After much hard work the Kodi developers have greatly improved communication with the platform,for the users using […] Read more

The developers (Information Architects) of the iA  Writer,a minimalist,multi-platform writing application,have updated the iOS and OSX versions thereby enabling the user to use the Apple’s iCloud with more ease. The 1.3 Version for the iA writer,on the Mac side has a fully reconstucted window framework and new parser that enhances the speed and improves performance […] Read more

Facebook messenger for iOS was initially released with basic features of messaging function taken from Facebook application. All you need to know is go to this page, download it free and login using same Facebook account. However, a new version 1.7 has been released which bring lots of new features in previous Facebook messenger. Features […] Read more

Angry Birds has become one of the most popular game for all sorts both mobile and desktop devices. Angry Birds Seasons and RIO series has already gained so much popularity and now another series called ” Angry Birds Space” has hit both Android and App stores. Due to the success of it’s previous version, it […] Read more

Those who are new to this, iFaith tool created by iH8sn0w developer which not only allows you to Save SHSH blobs but also produce signed IPSW.  Althought NotCom’s  TinyUmbrella utility also enables you to save SHSH blobs but it doesn’t have the ability to produce signed IPSW. But if you are not satisfied with new iOS upgrade then these saved blobs will used to downgrade […] Read more

Recently we reviewed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich most admired feature Face Unlock, a facial recognition unlock software gives the ability to use your own face to unlock your smartphone or tablet. Although feature has already gained a lot of popularity in android world but question are being asked about it’s security. It has been already proved through […] Read more

Recently we reported you about a jailbreak tweak called LockLauncher which allows you to launch your frequently used apps from your iPhone lockscreen. Now we have just come across similar kind of jailbreak tweak called SmartLock which makes the handeling of your iPhone even more easier by bringing your most favorite apps on your iPhone lockscreen. The applications which […] Read more

Couple of weeks back Twitter released a major update for both iOS and Android Platforms. However, soon after the release iPhone users reported some crashing issues along with other minor bugs. Today, Twitter has released a small update which will resolve both crashing issues and others bugs.    Follow your interests: instant updates from your […] Read more

Previously we reviewed TinyUmbrella which gives you the option to save the SHSH blobs before upgrading to new iOS. These SHSH blobs will then be used to downgrade from latest iOS version to old iOS firmware. However, after the release of iOS 5.0, Apple put some checks (APTickets) which makes downgrading to iOS 5 impossible using […] Read more


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