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iOS 5


We have been covering stories about all the efforts being done to port iPhone 4S Siri Voice Assistant feature on older devices. Siri popularity has already reached to max and being claimed as one of the main reason of iPhone 4S success. According to the developments reported earlier Siri has been successfully ported to iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and […] Read More


Have you got tired of same messy iPhone Home screen or springboard appearance? Cydia Jailbreak community has come up with an interesting tweak called No icon Label for iOS 5 which actually gives your iPhone a more fresher and simple look. No icon Label for iOS 5 basically allows you to simply removes the labels of your application icons showed […] Read More


Over the past few weeks there had numerous iOS 5 tweaks which enable hidden features that are kept disabled by default e.g. Auto Correct Keyboard, Panorama Mode etc and today YouTube HD Video Playback enabler on 3G Data rather than WiFi (default) for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch. Sonny Dickson has discovered the tweak and enabling is simple […] Read More


Couple of weeks ago we had witness upgraded iOS 5 support for InfiniFolders and today the same developer has announced Infiniboard support for iOS 5. InfiniBoard allows you to set vertical scrolling for homescreen icons and increasing the limit of maximum number of icons to unlimited on each page. This apps brings lots of space […] Read More

CallBar Thumb

Recently we had reported that developers are working on making CallBar 0.4 compatible with iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad original running iOS 5 so that Calls and FaceTime should not interrupt what you are doing and here it is the upgrade as been released. So all you need is a Jailbreak iPhone […] Read More


iOS 5 notification center has got lots of minor jailbreak tweaks which give additional functionality however BlurriedNCBackground Jailbreak tweak will change the way iOS 5 notification center looks. As the tweak replaces the background with transparent glassy background that allows you to view background homescreen while using notification center. Although the Jailbreak tweak is free but […] Read More


During the reign of iPhone 4 running iOS 4.x CallBar 0.4 was one of the most elegant Jailbreak tweak that allowed non-intrusive Voice and FaceTime call management  on iPhone. Over the period of time the Jailbreak tweak has evolved and now its support for iOS 5 is in works. There might be time when you are doing important […] Read More


Cydia Jailbreak community has already developed some amazing tweaks and widgets reviewed earlier for iOS 5 operating system. Now we have just come across another jailbreak tweak called SBFacebook which allows you access certain Facebook features by creating custom shortcut icons on your iPhone home screen or spring board. Moreover, icon images can be set as […] Read More


iOS native FaceTime feature has become one of the must have feature which allows you to make video calls without using any third party software. But since it's launch back in 2o1o, Apple didn't allow users to make FaceTime calls over 3G network rather it was only available on WiFi Network. However, Jailbreak community came […] Read More


I am sure you have been already using iPhone App switcher from Homescreen or Springboard which is normally used to switch between one app to another. Now a jailbreak tweak called LockScreen Multitasking has been released which allows you to launch your iPhone App Switcher directly from Lockscreen means you won't require to unlock your iPhone. Moreover, […] Read More

iOS 5.0.1 Update Brought New Issues Rather Than Fixes

iOS 5.0.1 Final

If you are a regular follower of Koolmobile then you must be knowing that Apple has recently released iOS 5.0.1 firmware for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. The main purpose of bring this quick update was to resolve iPhone 4S battery life issues which has been badly effecting most of the users and some security related […] Read More


If you are a music fan then i am sure you would like to share your favorite artist or songs with friends over the twitter right when you are actually listening to it. Well a Cydia Jailbreak tweak called TweetSong will do the business as it allows you to let your twitter friends see what song […] Read More

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