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iOS 5

we have already shared a manual procedure to change your iOS 5 Notification Center Background as well as an automated procedure through a jailbreak tweak called BlurriedNCBackground which which transforms the stock background into a transparent glassy look. Now a developer named as cjori has released another jailbreak tweak called Custom NC Background which allows you to change the background color […] Read more

If you are a Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks fan then you must be knowing about one of all times favorite tweak called ShakeToUnlock which enbles you to unlock your iPhone through shaking gestures. Developer Yllier has released a version which has brought iOS 5 support as well as some new features: Unlock device using shake gestures (one or two […] Read more

Recently we reviewed one of the best jailbreak app/tweak for iOS 5 called Springtomize 2 which brings customization to your iPhone Folders, Docks, Lockscreen, icons, capabilities and animations. Just now it has been updated to add some new features along with many bug fixes. Detail list of change log are as follows: Custom Transparency for icons Added “sepia” effects for icons […] Read more

If you are an iPhone users then you must be knowing that in order to close running apps, you need to perform following steps. Double click the iPhone Home button which shows running apps on AppSwitcher. Hold your finger on application icon you want to close or any other icon until your AppSwitcher icons begin […] Read more

BiteSMS 6.1 Updated Released with Tons of new Features – Download Now

Soon after the release of iOS 5 BiteSMS was updated to BiteSMS 6.0 Beta to support the latest iOS however recently the final version of BiteSMS 6.1 has been released for the general public bringing in lots of new features and performance upgrades. BiteSMS 6.1 final version has been tightly integrated with Notification centre and iMessage of […] Read more

iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Demoed By Pod2g [VIDEO]

Finally after along time an amazing and most awaited news has come for iOS 5. Since Apple release iOS 5 along with iPhone 4S, users all over the world have been anxiously waiting for this moment. Guess what!!! a famous hacker and a memeber of  Chronic Dev-Team  pod2g has just released the demoed video on iPod Touch running […] Read more

Today, NotCom, Developer of TinyUmbrella has released an upgrade to support Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 Beta firmware. Now another news has come from the developer but this time about a new upcoming jailbreak tool TinyPwn which will enable users to install custom firmware files in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without using the iTunes. From Developer: TinyPwn update: I’ve not had much […] Read more

Apple has been quite busy now a days in patching all exploits which will help developers to bring untethered jailbreak for latest iOS 5 firmware. In order to fight with effort, Chronic Dev Team has recently released an app called Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter  which let iOS devices to send crash reports automatically re-routing them to a […] Read more

Do you really want to customize your conventional iPhone SpringBoard? Well one of the best jailbreak tweak for iOS 5 called Springtomize 2 has just hit the cydia app store. It comes with options to customize your Folders, Docks, Lockscreen, icons, capabilities and animations.    This is what BigBoss says about it: Springtomize allows you to customize your SpringBoard, […] Read more

If you are already fed up of searching small tweaks and applications from a random list of iOS Settings.app in order to make small changes then Preference Folders jailbreak tweak is the right solution for you. This latest tweak let you to organize your iOS Settings into a folder which will be created inside your iOS […] Read more

One of the major reason apple seed new iOS updates is to prevent users from jailbreaking their devices and that is why users are still waiting for Untethered jailbreak for latest iOS 5.x firmwares. In addition to bring new software patches, Apple and other companies also preventing  users by developing Jailbreak detection apps which not […] Read more

Have you ever desire a feature which let you Copy some text from your iOS device and then Paste it on another iOS device or even Mac ? Well if yes then your wish can be fulfilled right now because developers at Cydia Jailbreak community has come up with a jailbreak tweak called CloudPaste which not only allows you […] Read more


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