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Apple has launched its Next Generation iPhone 4S running latest iOS 5 operating system in "Lets talk iPhone" event. Now its Samsung's turn because people are anxiously waiting for Google's event(October 11) in which much awaited Android device called Nexus Prime(Galaxy Nexus), running next version of  Android OS called Ice Cream Sandwich, will be announced to compete with iPhone 4S. […] Read More

Google Chrome on Android Soon to be Launched

Android Chrome

Combination of companies own mobile operating system with native internet browser seems to be pretty much working and being adopted in recent days. Yesterday, we reported you about Apple iOS comes with pre-loaded powerful safari browser has gained a lot of popularity across the world and achieved  5% browser share on all of the world’s desktop and laptop computers. Moreover, in case of […] Read More

google docs

Google has been planning for launching its Cloud services since long as Apple is about to release its iCloud services with the launch of iOS 5 and iPhone 5 whereas HTC has recently collaborated with Dropbox to provide Cloud services on its Android Smartphone so why should be Google behind. Johannes Wigand re posted an image at TechCrunch, depicting […] Read More


Recently we have reported you about Google+ update for Android which brought free Google+ signup for general public by closing the invitation based signup. In addition to that, Google has completely revamped the Google+ with renamed Huddle to Messenger support like Blackberry messenger is added with image sharing options. Also the group video chat feature of Google+ named hangout support has been added to Android devices which allows you to video chat using your device’s front facing camera. Now once again Google+ has […] Read More

Google Planning to launch its own Cellular Service as MVNO [Report]

Google SIM

Out of no where Google SIM has been spotted which depicts the worlds largest Search Engnie Company is planning to start its own Cellular Service as reported by XatakAndroid. It seems like Google is planning to act as Mobile Virtual Network Operator meaning Google will be using services of other Mobile Networks however the top layer services […] Read More


Google has finally allowed the free Google+ signup for general public by closing the invitation based signup. In addition Google has completely revamped the Google+ Mobile Application for Android and has renamed Huddle to Messenger support like Blackberry messenger is added with image sharing options. Also the group video chat feature of Google+ named hangout support has been added to […] Read More


Google had revealed their plans back in May about the possible launching of Google Wallet, an NFC-Based Payment system. They also stated that required test trials for Wallet service would start immediately whereas official launch would be expected in summer. A video demonstration of Google Wallet has also been posted last week by Google  featuring George Costanza. Right […] Read More


Google has been busy in extending its services for all types of mobile platforms. Previously, Google has been providing limited functionality of its popular streaming service on iOS devices. These limited functionalities were mainly due to its difficult user interface.      Finally in order to overcome these above mentioned shortcoming, Google has announced via twitter that it now has an HTML […] Read More


Google has released a new version of Google+ App version with  introcduction of Resharing of Posts within the Stream. Re sharing is pretty simple all you have to do is tap on a post (press +1  on it). At the bottom along the comment area you will notice a small arrow you have to click it and option […] Read More


Due to nonstop feedback received from Android users, Google is updating its Google + Android App on frequent basis. Previous update of Google+ App aimed to fix notifications. Today, yet another update have been released for the Google+ Android application and it includes some much-needed conveniences as well as support for a ton of new […] Read More

Android Apps On BlackBerry QNX devices, Coming Soon


The biggest reason behind blackberry failure in today's smartphone race is the lack of apps. In order to cope up with this situation back in march RIM announced that soon they will launch a playbook which would run Android apps. According to Bloomberg, famous source for subject matter says Android apps will compatible on Blackberry devices running new QNX software […] Read More


Recently Android got a complete revamped both in looks and features. Latest update brings couple of new features which includes addition of +1 button and  PIN lock the market. +1 button will allows you to share your favorite applications with your Google+ circles in much easier way. PIN Lock feature will is a security feature which that allows you to […] Read More

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