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One of the YouTube user iGuitardude2744 has complied a very decent list of 30 best Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks for 2011. The video compiled on Cydia Tweaks are shown on iPad 2 and for sure this iPad 2 looks far better than a non-Jailbroken iPad 2. Almost all these tweaks are supported on iPhone, iPad or iPod […] Read More


If you are frequent user of Short Messaging Service(SMS) and want a quick solution to reply, open or close your SMS Messages then SMS+ is the best solution to improve your SMS experience on iOS. The best part of this Jailbreak tweak is, it seamlessly integrate into your native SMS application and bring those features […] Read More

How To Activate FaceTime On iPhone 3GS Using FaceIt-3GS


Recently we have showed you a work around of FaceTime activation on iPhone 4 with unofficial carriers. Just in case if you are an iPhone 3GS owner and feel deprived of FaceTime service, built-in video calling feature officially comes with iPhone 4 then Jailbreak community is here to help you out. Now a Cydia application called Faceit released by iPhoneIslam let you activate FaceTime functionality […] Read More


The best thing about Jailbreaking iOS Device is that it gives you the ability to customize it as per your own desire. It completely revamp your iOS device look by installing customized themes, getting live weather, notifications, launching applications by simple gestures etc. Today we are going to bring another classic Tweak called "IconCommands". This […] Read More


Recently we have covered a Jailbreak tweak called LockInfo which enables you to customize your Lockscreen and get SMS, eMail, Twitter, Weather Notifications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Today we have discovered a new powerful jailbreak Tweak developed by "imrel0ad"  for a new iOS 5 Notification called BBSettings which looks like a new and […] Read More


LockGestures is acclaimed as one of the best Cydia Tweak developed by Akhil Tolani which gives you option to take actions by making gestures while your iOS device is at Lockscreen state. Basically, it gives you a quicker way  to launch apps from your iPhone's lockscreen without even unlocking your iPhone. The salient features that "LockGestures" provides are […] Read More

Enable Multitasking in Cydia[How To Tutorial]


As most of you already know that Saurik brainchild is the reason that we are able to enjoy all jailbreaking apps . Rather than doing it once he is kept on working hard over the years to bring the improvement in the performance and features of Cydia. One of the main problem considered in Cydia is that it […] Read More


"Navigation and Maps users for iPhone, iPad or iPod" we have another good news for you after Speed for Maps now there is also a Jailbreak tweak to display Directions overlay onto native Maps Application called Compass for Maps. This Jailbreak tweak is only available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4 as they are the only ones […] Read More


Wifi Booster allows you to pick very low Wifi signals to connect by reducing the minimum threshold set by iPhone, iPad or iPod. Normally Wifi Signals which are below the default minimum threshold do not appear in the Wifi Settings however after this Jailbreak tweak is applied you will be able to see additional networks with very low signal strength. Moreover you can also […] Read More


Recently we have covered InfiniDock which allows you to add unlimited icons in Dock and now its Folders turn to get 12 apps in one folder application again developed by Chpwn. Same as InfiniDock if you have large number of applications on your iPhone or iPod Touch and its becoming difficult to manage them you can add InfiniDock […] Read More


InfiniDock is a remarkable Dock Icon Scrolling Jailbreak Application which allows you to add infinite number of applications in your Dock as shortcut. Normally iPhone and iPod Dock is restricted to have maximum of 4 applications but with InfiniDock you can add any number of Applications you like and you can scroll left or right […] Read More


This is one of the most fascinating tweak for iPhone and iPod Touch which reminds you of good old school days when TV used to be of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology. TV Tube Sleep turn your iPhone or iPod off in the same mode like old TV used to switch off by displaying white line and converging in […] Read More

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