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As you already aware that iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G contains SIM module but the functionality is restricted to 3G data usage only but possibility of making calls and SMS is very much there. In order to get this functionality, We already reviewed PhoneIt-iPad cydia jailbreak app developed by folks at iPhoneIslam allows you to receive Calls and SMS from your iPad […] Read more

iOS 5 users who were using Jailbroken devices know that there were lots of tweaks available in Cydia which have still to be ported onto iOS 5 out of which one functionality was Horizontal HomeScreen Icons scrolling rather than default vertical page scrolling. This functionality was provided by Page2D which has just been upgraded to […] Read more

There are number of Browsers available in AppStore to provide additional functionality like Flash content support using SkyFire and Dolphin Internet Browser etc however Safari remains the default browser and all the links opened from any native applications are launched in Safari but now you can change the default internet browser from Safari to any […] Read more

BiteSMS 6.0 Updated for iOS 5 [Beta]

BiteSMS provides additional SMS functionalities which are still not covered in iOS 5 like display of SMS while locked screen allowing to Reply SMS without unlocking into home screen and message application, also the shortcuts for Quick compose etc. So folks who had been disappointed that these functionalities have not been added in the iOS […] Read more

We have noticed that a huge number of Notification Centre Tweaks have popped up in last couple of days including WeeCompose, WeeSearch, WeeSpaces, WeeKillBackground and now we have Notification Centre Enhancer which allows your to increase the number of Text lines displayed to 11 lines for messages and emails as well as an option to clear them all with a […] Read more

WeeSearch another iOS 5 Notification Centre Tweak allowing you to search Google, YouTube and Wikipedia right from your notification centre. Apple has integrated local as well as web search at iOS Search page by swiping left to home screen but the functionality is limited to both Local and Online content therefore Jailbreak community has come up with Search in Notification Centre. […] Read more

Notification Centre for iOS 5 has created a whole lot of new activity for Jailbreak tweak developers and one after another there are lots of tweaks being released to make your life more easy by fully utilizing the Notification Centre capabilities. After WeeKillBackground and WeeSpaces now the developer has released WeeCompose which allows you to compose Emails and iMessages right from notification […] Read more

LSMusicGestures is simply a treat for Music lovers carrying Apple devices as the Jailbreak tweak allows you to Play, Pause and switch between songs using simple gestures on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Lockscreen. You can even forward and rewind the track using swipe gestures. Simply play songs by double tapping on Lockscreen and the music will start then all you need […] Read more

UnlockBright allows you to save precious battery power as well as fun to use. The Jailbreak tweak allows you to set a specific brightness for unlock screen and as you move your finger on unlock to swipe the brightness can be increased or decreased. iOS does only provide the adjustment for the screen brightness in settings which is applicable to complete iPhone, iPad […] Read more

If you use the native mail application of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch frequently you might have come across a problem that if you have typed wrong email address for once it enters the auto-fill category and every time to start typing the email address again the wrong one pops up and there is no way to delete that single auto-fill entry rather […] Read more

Have you ever noticed that the brightness of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in low light conditions does not remain very cool rather it puts strain on eyes. As most of the Android devices come with light sensors can reduce the brightness automatically same kind of techniques are used by Apple as well but they are […] Read more

Spyphoto Jailbreak tweak allows you to take photograph very quickly using the shortcut gesture on the top of any application you are working on. Spyphoto does not require access to native Camera application which takes ample time to load and take a snap rather in a second you can take the photo graph and its […] Read more


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