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Ever wanted to watch your PC/Mac Movies onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without converting them into some other format then AnyPlayerHD is the solution. AnyPlayerHD allows you to play tons of video formats in SD as well as HD 720p Format without the need to convert them into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen format rather simply transferring the […] Read more

Ever wondered that there should be some iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Application which allows quick capturing of thought, ideas and tasks to-do and the application not only stores these thoughts, ideas and tasks rather provide an intuitive way of keeping track on them. Now whether its something related to school, college homework, Office work, New business venture or shopping list you can save all of them […] Read more

Skyfire for iPad Updated – Automatic Video Discovery Feature

Running Flash content on Safari Browser is a big “NO” so Skyfire Labs has come up with a solution. Skyfire browser for iPad is available as Appstore Application which you can installand it gives you the option of viewing Flash Videos and Web content whcih are otherwise not supported on iPad. Skyfire for iPhone and iPod Touch was already available and reviewed by us […] Read more

NBC for iPad Watch Full-Length TV Shows for Free

Recently we have reviewed Netflix and Hulu+ which allow you to stream you favorite TV Shows, Movies etc onto your iPad and now NBC which is also one of the favorite TV show streaming service across the world. As you might have followed our report that Apple has closed the famous TV rentals in iTunes but we have seen an increased activity in […] Read more

Dolphin Browser HD for iPad Released

MoboTap’s Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular browser for Android which supports gestures had recently landed to Apple iPhone/iPod Touch family. Just released Dolphin Browser HD for iPad is the first iOS browser to support gestures input thereby you can browse you favorite web pages by simply drawing the gestures on your iPad screen. Dolphin Browser HD provides Google Chrome like interface supporting tabbed browsing and integration of famous social networking […] Read more

Photographer have supernatural visions and might see small detours as complex as far as technology is concerned therefore taking a snap from the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and extracting it on the PC/Mac for Photoshop editing and modifications is  tedious task. Now Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have joined the heavy weight Camera category and some supporting HDR as well therefore specialized software editing has […] Read more

TNT for iPad – Watch favorite TNT shows for Free

Recently we have reviewed Netflix and Hulu+ which allow you to stream you favorite TV Shows, Movies etc onto your iPad and now TNT which is one of the favorite TV show streaming service across the world. As you might have followed our report that Apple has closed the famous TV rentals in iTunes but […] Read more

AirPrint introduced in iOS 4.2 gave iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users the capability to print documents, photos and web content directly from their device however the print options are limited to one photo on one page with very less modifications. Therefore folks at palugu Software came up with PhotoPrint Pro which gives you flexibility to Print Photos with multiple options […] Read more

Fring is one of the most popular VoIP service and one of its kind in providing Playground, group video chat. There are lot of iOS applications out there reviewed by us which provide Video calls e.g. Skype, Facebook Messenger, IM+ Video, TinyChat apart from iOS native Facetime however Fring stands tall among all of them at least […] Read more

Regular Koolmobile users must be aware of the fact that iOS 5 will bring iMessage platform which will be inter-platform Apple-Apple devices chat messaging client on the design of Blackberry Messenger. But world does not stop here there is a lot more than only Apple devices therefore Affle Pte Ltd have come up with cross-platform messaging solution which allows you […] Read more

Facebook Application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been updated to version 3.5 with support for tagging friends within post, ability to share external links and some performance and feature improvements. This update comes exactly hand in hand with Google+ which might be a coincidence but one thing is for sure that both are now Social Networking Rivals with […] Read more

Google has released a new version of Google+ App version with  introcduction of Resharing of Posts within the Stream. Re sharing is pretty simple all you have to do is tap on a post (press +1  on it). At the bottom along the comment area you will notice a small arrow you have to click it and option […] Read more

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