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Nuance provides one the worlds finest speech recognition and it entered the iOS devices domain in July. Dragon Go provides a combination of intelligent speech recognition and efficient integration with native iOS and  third party applications and that too for FREE. Today Dragon Go! has updated the famous recognition application by adding the support for Google+, Netflix, Spotify and interactive map view […] Read more

In the past we have reviewed SportCaster and NFL Fantasy Football however for the daily Football news especially the 2011 football season along with Team-by-team cheat sheet, chart ratings and Exclusive analysis are just provided by The Daily’s Pro Football Guide 2011 for iPad. Sports Fans all over the world who want to get full coverage of Football events […] Read more

Do you find remembering tasks and appointments then Headfinder brings an intuitive and artificial intelligence enabled reminding which seamlessly integrate itself with the calender application to remind you before something important has to done. There are things are need to be remembered once in a year, month or week but collecting them together is a bit tricky using the default calender application and then with simple interface makes more boring. […] Read more

Watch Me Change is a fun application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which allows you to save your facial changes in a time lapse video which you can later share with your friends and family members. The application will remind you daily to take a snap of yourself and later it will arrange the photos into a symmetrical order for creating a time lapse video. In […] Read more

Apple Store revolutionized online store concept allowing the visitors to review the hardware and software products as well as purchase with a single click. In addition you can book an appointment in Genius Bar as well as one to one appointments are supported. This all activity will make you free from all the hassle of walking into the Apple Store physically to get […] Read more

If you are planning to get your body in shape for the first time or you are an extreme fitness enthusiast and want to try hard workouts approved by Veteran U.S. Army Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer Lori Patterson then Boot Camp Challenge si the right choice. Boot Camp Challenge allows you to plan and execute daily workout based […] Read more

Ever face a situation when you have forgot you car’s location in a public car parking with dozens of cars or even thought of loosing it then myPark is designed for your facilitation. myPark allows you to track the location of your car of live map and makes it easy for you to return back […] Read more

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are great camera devices hence sharing the photos with your friends and family is a must. for the same reason there hare tons of photo sharing applications are available over AppStore however one of the most popular application is Instagram which has been updated today to improve the performance and some other additional features. Instagram has been […] Read more

Ever wondered spreading you voice to all your friends for free, whether its sports commentary, college lectures, radio sharing or fun then blip.me Broadcast is the application you are looking for. blip.me Broadcast allows you to create your own personnel broadcast channel and your friends can subscribe to it. in a way you can create audience and have the feel […] Read more

Managing Facebook account these days has become cumbersome when you have got dozens of friends who share stuff daily therefore Pixable comes with the solution of filtering you Friends highest rated photos and videos based on popularity and your connections. Pixable filters photos and videos out of your Facebook account and presents it in a more intuitive manner buy using special pics of the day, overall […] Read more

You might have though of drawing freely on the Maps on your iPad so Map Draw for iPad allows you to do so in order to create you own hand drawn routes, plans, directions and annotations. You can draw free hand on Maps and make your travels even more enjoyable by exporting these maps and […] Read more

Have you ever wondered to see all you favorite social networking places on a single map application then you are thinking same as developers of JollySpot. JollySpot provides you integrated view of Google Places and Facebook Places on Map including restaurants, hotels, shops, cafes and other sites which have been shared and recommended by your friends at Google and Facebook. As per Jollyspot developers […] Read more

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