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Ever wondered keeping track of installed and deleted application or games which you didn’t like for some reason and later forgot. So one way is to try again and waste some time before you come to know that you had previously installed and removed the application. But now Jailbreak community has resolved this problem in […] Read more

Have you even wondered launching BiteSMS by pressing Apple native Messages Application or Opening Camera+ by pressing Apple native Camera Application. Now it has been made possible using OpenOther+ by InfectionFX Jailbreak Tweak. OpenOther+ will come out handy for all those applications which are feature rich as compared to Apple Native Applications but you don’t want to have 2 separate icons. Although iPhone, […] Read more

Most of us use internet using Wifi at home, office or public places on our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but sometime the Wifi access point is installed using your own pocket at home or office and you dont want others to use it for Free therefore Wifi protocol allows you to put WEP or […] Read more

If you are worried about your iPhone safety and not a fortunate enough to have iPhone 4 which comes along Free Find My iPhone registration on iOS 4.2.1 or later then Jailbreak community has to offer you TraceSaver which is a Free iPhone tracking utility for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3G. TraceSaver by Metricell provides […] Read more

YouTube is one of the most popular Music Content sharing website therefore YouTube Application has been incorporated in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Although the main usage of YouTube is to stream the content but there must be some patches in life when when cannot access internet for each and every YouTube Song therefore Jailbreak community offers YourTube & MxTube (already reviewed) for […] Read more

If you want to monitor unwanted actions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in hidden and trasparent way the  iKeyguardData from Jailbreak Community is the answer. iKeyguardData keeps running in the background as spoof process (i.e. you will not see iKeyguardData icon in multitasking bar) but simultaneously monitors and records the actions on the device. Keylogger application […] Read more

If you remember good old days of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) launched in mid 80’s was a pleasure time to play with. gpSPhone brings the same good old GameBoy Advanced game play experiences back onto your iPhone and iPod Touch. gpSPhone is a paid Cydia application for 4.99 $ from BigBoss Repo. Some of the sleint […] Read more

Apple iTunes only allows you to sneak preview few seconds of music and download music after paying few bucks although most of these tracks are available free of cost on music search engines. But iOS does not allow you to transfer these downloaded songs to iPod application directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However […] Read more

iTunes Sync using cables has started looking like a burden in the age of Wireless commnications therefore Greg Hughes came with a brilliant idea of Wireless Sync over Wifi using Wi-fi Sync Jailbreak Application. Wi-fi Sync application was developed by Greg Hughes as a university student however Apple turned down the application in May last year. Currently Apple only allows […] Read more

Creating Wifi Hotspots on your 3G/EDGE connection has been a plus for Android Phones since inception of Android 2.3 Gingerbread however the facility to create Personnel Hotspots was added in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in iOS 4.3.x this year. But the functionaltiy of Apple Personnel Hotspots is limited to iOS 4 users and not supported accross the board […] Read more

Facetime was introduced with iPhone 4 launch but the service was limited to Wifi usage only. As Facetime calls are only destined within Apple devices therefore additional limitation of usage on Wifi only further reduced the usability of Facetime service. As native iOS for iPhone 4 wont allow you to make or received Facetime calls on the […] Read more

SMS we love you there are more than 142 Billion SMS sent per year only in China and for iPhone SMS application is lacking far behind in advanced features. iPhone iOS 4 SMS application is limited to Compose, Send , Received & Delivery reports however advanced features like Scheduled SMS, Privacy, Pass Code, Quick Compose Shortcuts & our most loved feature […] Read more


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