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Apple has just seeded iOS 5.1 Beta for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad devices and is available to download only for developers. The new Beta has brought us one of the most important information for which users have waiting for so long. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s iPhone 5 whose […] Read more

Apple has released iOS 5.1 Beta for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad devices and is available to download only for developers. In addition to that, apple has also seeded Xcode 4.3 beta but once again only for developers. The new update has brought following changes: complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, […] Read more

It was all started when iPhone 4S Siri security Protocol hack was discovered by folks over  Applidium and opened the gates for third party developers to not only come up with their own apps by making Siri part of it but also let it run on other devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even Android. Things didn’t stop […] Read more

Since Apple launched iPhone 4S Siri Assistant feature, iOS jailbreak or hackers community looks very keen to explore all the possibilities which apparently seems to be endless. Recently we reported you about the Siri Protocol hack which allows you to create a proxy server and use the Siri functionality for their own applications. Hackers also provided the video demonstration of hack showing proxy server works by […] Read more

Apple and Samsung court battle has been going on for quite some time now. We saw earlier apple winning permanent ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 based on Germany and Australia court orders due to infringement of Apple’s iPad 2 designs. In the light of this court decision, Samsung had to pull out all Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Germany shelves back in September whereas Samsung […] Read more

Apple’s Black Friday Event Deals Revealed

Earlier we reported you that Apple has made an announcement about 25 Nov Black Friday event on Online Apple Stores showing “special one-day Apple shopping event” information across the world. Today, 9to5Mac has got hold of a snapshot of Apple’s Black Friday deals which seems pretty modest as compared to last year. Apple has taken $101 off on each of […] Read more

Apple iPhone 4S continue to gain popularity since it was launched back in October and now has termed as the second most popular cameraphone when taking photos for Flickr. Now the question should come into your mind who gets the top position? According to the latest charts from Flickr’s camera finder web page, Apple’s iPhone 4 is the […] Read more

Apple Announces Black Friday Online Shopping Event

Earlier we had reported you about White Samsung Stratosphere which was originally launched on Verizon Wireless at $149 on 2 years contract will now be offered free on Black Friday with same 2 years contract duration. Now Apple has also made an announcement about Black Friday event by putting banners on its on 25 Nov 2011. Apple has already […] Read more

Retina Display iPad 3 Codename Found in Hidden iOS 5 Code

Recently we reported you about Digitimes remour that Apple is planning to bring slightly modified version of iPad 2 probably named iPad 2S with changes in Processing, Battery and Camera department followed by launch of iPad 3 in 3rd Quarter 2012 which will be a complete redesign with new features and hardware. 9to5Mac has discovered a new codename in the latest iOS […] Read more

Recently we reported you about Applidium who claimed to have cracked Siri’s security protocol which will let other third party developers to get iPhone 4S Siri Assistant feature running on other devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even Android. Not only this, hack will also enable developers community to come up with their own apps by making Siri part […] Read more

iPhone 4S Siri Assistant feature was one of the major reason of success but at the same time its popularity is keep on  deteriorating due to various bugs experienced in the devices. It was all started when users start complaining about iPhone 4S batter issues have been complaining from all over the world. Then supposedly Apple released iOS […] Read more

We had recently seen that numerous iPhone 4S owners complaining about battery depleting very quickly even reducing at the rate of 10% every hours which had thrown Apple out of their shoes. It was expected that various elements within iOS were to be blamed for which initially suggested way-out came by switching off the location […] Read more


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