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MadPad HD – Create and Remix Music on iPad [Video]


MadPad HD, Remix Your Life, is one of best music application launched if you compare it with other already available applications. It has been developed by a famous developer Leaf Trombone and based on a platform "social music". MadPad HD gives you the ability to record every sights and sounds samples which you normally hear in your daily […] Read More


If you are an iOS App developer and you don’t know much on how to promote your Apps then Apple is here to help you out. Apple facilities iOS developers by let them to create promo codes for their Apps which later on can be used for for promotion. These promo codes allows you to […] Read More


We have been continuously covering all the updates and news regarding Apple iOS5, upcoming operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch which is expected to launched with iPhone 5 in October. Today, Apple has also released iOS 5 Beta 6 for iOS developers and could be a final beta version before launch. You must be already aware of current procedure being […] Read More


If you are a frequent user of Facebook messaging service on your iPhone and so far you have found it difficult to use then you might want to try a new standalone Facebook Messenger App officially released for iOS and Android. Previously, Facebook Messaging service was considered only a small part of whole Facebook application. However, […] Read More


An update for Amazon's Kindle App has been pushed yesterday in order to comply with Apple’s latest in-app purchase terms and secure its place in the App Store. Moreover, it has been observed that now it supports magazine and newspaper subscriptions iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can now browse, purchase, and read from more than 100 […] Read More


Now you can access your computers or laptops remotely from anywhere through iPhone, iPad or Android using     TeamViewer. It gives you the opportunity to help your friends or family members to troubleshoot for any errors found in their computer/laptop or even to edit some private documents without physically being there. The TeamViewer apps for iPhone, […] Read More

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