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Tag Heuer prepares to produce more Connected Smart Watch to secure orders

It not been a long time since Smart Watch started appearing from Phone Manufacturers however now conventional watch makers have jumped into the bandwagon. One of the noticeable release is by Tag Heuer which has released its first Tag Heuer Connected Smart Watch featuring,

The screen is 1.5 inches, supports multiple-finger recognition and has a resolution of 360×360, with 240ppi.

It comes packed with a 1.6-GHz dual-core processor and a 410-mAh battery, which Tag Heuer claims with provide a minimum of 25 hours of battery life, “based on typical usage”.

It has 1 GB main memory and 4 GB storage memory.


All the goodies above will cost you 1500 USD however after last month release now Tag Heuer has been beefing up the production to meet the orders 2000 timepieces per week from initial 1200 per week. According to Bloomberg Report, the watch maker has received over 100,000 timepieces orders at initial launch.

Smart features like Maps, Voice Search, Translation, Reminders etc on on the same classic Tag Heuer look are more than just perfect combination till now.


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