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Tab for Google+ : Adds Google+ to Mac’s Menu Bar

If you have already been addicted to recently launched Google+ social network app and would like to integrate it in your Mac operating system Menu bar then Tab for Google+ app allows you to do so. It really makes your life much easier by allowing you to quickly access updates, latest comments, circle additions, hangouts, etc rather then visiting web interface time and time again.

Interesting part of this application is, all the interfaces are in very compact form and looks quite similar to its mobile version. It has all the interfaces and options of your Google+ account, such as, Stream, Circles, Photos, Notifications, etc. which you can also access through web interface.

Once you install this app, a small icon g+ will be added in your Mac menu bar. First time when you launch the application, you will be asked to enter your Google+ account login details. Once you are done with login details it will straight away take you to the most posts from people in your circle. You will also get an option to either check in and update your status along with your location or navigate to Google+ Home screen.

If you negivate to homescreen by clicking on “Home” button, you will find all remaining links such as stream, notifications, user’s profile window, circles, etc. Moreover, you can also navigate between different links by using small buttons at the bottom of the application window.

You can download Tab for Google+ from Mac App store for free of cost but for only limited time period. Therefore we suggest you to download it now before they start charging it.

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