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Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 firmware leaks, How to upgrade [Video Tutorial]

You might be aware of the face that Symbian Belle is supposed to be launched on release of Nokia 600, 700 and 701 trio and later Symbian Belle support will be released for older Nokia Symbian models. Contrary to that Symbian Belle has been leaked and is available for N8. Symbian


Belle provides you six home screen pages, live widgets, pull down Android-like notifications, updated UI Navigation, visual multitasking and NFC which is quite impressive.

Sneak preview Symbian Belle firmware running on Nokia N8,


Note: Only try if you are an expert as the procedure might damage you phone permanently for which we wont be responsible.

You can follow the procedure in the video below to install Symbian Belle firmware on Nokia N8,



Phoniex 2011
Belle Files Pass:-“orvvan mohamad 79.rar “:-
Anna Files:-

You will notice a considerable improvement in the performance of the device and other than that Symbian Belle also promises HD video recording for Nokia N8. So if you are not an expert you can wait for the update to become official so you can upgrade the easy way using OTA option.

via DailyMobile, SymbianCoderus, GSMArena

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