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Suspension of Shipments of Galaxy Note 7 as a result of Exploding

samsungIt has been noted that Samsung has suspended shipment of Galaxy Note 7,just a few weeks after it’s release, as a result of complaints by it’s consumers that the smartphone has been exploding while it is charging. These reports have led the company to immediately seize the shipments.

The Galaxy Note 7 has only been on the market for a weeks, but it is already getting varying reviews ,with varying reviews over the display, hardware in addition to the performance. There have been various complaints about the bursting of the smartphones ,both through Samsung’s customer support channels in addition to social media.

In accordance with these reports ,Samsung has suspended shipping orders ,mainly in the Korean Market ,in addition to other markets as well. Due to these reports there have been arising concerns from consumers who have already purchased the Galaxy Note 7 after it’s great reviews.

Samsung has not yet responded officially to these claims , however it can be noted  that in all the complaints have similarities in that the smartphones exploded while they were charging . Another similarity that can be noted is that both consumers were using a microUSB to USB Type -C converter for the charging process, however it is still unclear whether this is the official converter of the Note 7 or not.

Reports suggest that Samsung is trying to fix the problem and looking for the root cause. The company has received the smartphones that have exploded and is trying to find the actual cause of the problem.

It is advised that Note 7 users should avoid using a microUSB to USB Type-C converter and use the official USB Type -C charger that has been provided by Samsung along with the Note 7,until it is clear what the actual problem is.

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