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Stablizes Your iPhone Video Recording Using DollyCam

If you are an iPhone owner and you are not satisfied with its video recording quality just because of instability, shakiness while recording then an application called DollyCam will handle this problem for you. The basic function of this application is that you can record the video and then stabilize it to remove camera shake.

It also enables you to remove wobble by the camera’s rolling shutter. The resulting video that you get out through this application will be much smoother and pleasant to watch as compared to the original video.

During a video stabilizing procedure you will notice black borders which will be removed automatically using following techniques:

  • It adapts Zoom level depending upon how much your device has been stirred during recording.
  • It extrapolates each frame of the video to fill the black borders.
DollyCam provides following salient features:-
  • It allows full 30 fps video recording in HD (720p), VGA (480p) and HVGA (360p) resolutions
  • Video stabilization
  •  It corrects rolling shutter
  • It adapts Zoom level to reduce black borders
  • Extrapolation to reduce black borders
  • It allows you to export videos to your camera roll
DollyCam currently supports iPhone 4, iPad2. So if you want to purchase DollyCam then just visit App Store and buy it for only $2.99.
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