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Spotify Embedded Player Released for Nokia Symbian Smartphones Ovi Store

Famous online music streaming service Spotify had released its embedded player for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch couple of months back and now it has been made available for Nokia Symbian Smartphones. Music fans must be aware of Spotify as it contains more than 15 Million tracks and adds 10 thousand tracks everyday. You can listen them on mobile by paying a nominal fee of £4.99 per month for unlimited access to any number of tracks. Although the desktop and Laptop version of Spotify are available for free.

Spotify was only avaiable for Europian markets but recently in July this year it entered the US market and by 8th August it had already gathered appox 1.4 million users from the US. Spotify has currently a collection of appox 15 Million tracks therefore as now Spotify has made its embedded player open for intergration we will see a great influx of Music streaming applications developed.

Source Spotify Ovi

Libspotify9 component will allow the developers to incorporate third party music content on non-commercial basis using the spotify embedded music player. However for commercial use special licence has to be acquired from Spotify.Spotify documentation and Objective-C wrapper are also available.

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