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SpeechTrans – RealTime Voice Translation in Multiple Languages English, UK English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German and Chinese

If you are living at a place where you have to interact with people who don’t speak the same language then Android can help you and save you from any kind of misunderstanding of language by acting as a perfect translator.

A new app has launched for Android named as “SpeechTrans” which can convert speech from one language into voice output for anther language. It can also perform text-to-text and text-to-speech translation.

In addition to that, SpeechTrans  can also let you talk into two-way speech communications for English, UK English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and Mandarin Chinese. It can also also support speech-to-speech translation for users that are talking over Facebook in near real-time which means you get the the minimum delay in translation.

SpeechTrans” also enables you to store and play back your translation for routine questions and phrases.  “SpeechTrans” has already been launched for iPhone and gained a lot of popularity due to which it has now launched for Android platform.

SpeechTrans launched on Android with three different packages. If you choose month-to-month package then you have to pay$9.99. Whereas, if you select  6-month contract then it will cost you $6.99  per month. A year agreement gets the app for $4.99 monthly.

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