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Specs , Price and Date of Release of the Apple Watch Series 2.

apple-watch-series-2During the Apple 7th September event ,Apple disclosed the release of the Apple Watch Series 2. This is the second series to be released by the company ,following the first generation of the Apple watches ,which was released in 2014.The unlikely announcement came as a surprise , as the event was mainly reserved for the release of the iPhone 7.

Apple Watch series 2 main characteristics

There is a wide range of watches available in this series which include the much awaited white ceramic watch that will take the place of the 24k gold plated watch edition, in addition to the aluminum and stainless steel versions. The latest Hermes range will contain a wide variety of bands to choose from -namely the Double Buckle Cuff, the Single Tour Deployment , and the Single and Double tour. Apple has in addition to this signed a contract with Nike ,to produce the Nike + model to give an additional four “exclusive Nike Sport Band color combinations including Black/Volt, Black/ Cool Gray , Flat Silver/ White and Silver / Volt”.

apple-watch-2-release-date-series-2-1-different-bandsConsidering the aesthetics,The Apple Watch series 2 greatly resembles the older version ,however it is larger in size. However ,besides the Apple watch edition that is available in ceramic white,it is totally re-designed internally .

The screen of the watch has a brightness of 1000nits  ,and gives twice the luminosity of it’s previous version ,making it ideal for the outdoors.

This watch can be expected to be 50% quicker than it’s predecessor, mainly due to the Dual-core S2 processor present ,in addition to double the GPU performance.

The watch enables GPS without the need of an iOS device or iPhone being connected to it. There is no need to obtain a GPS lock in the new smartwatch as the watch stores data internally ,and enables users to begin their workout sessions immediately.

The latest generation smartwatch is waterproof, allowing the user to take the watch into the water till a depth of upto 50m while going for a swim in the swimming pool. In this latest advancement the company has added the additional feature of the new speakers being able to force the excess water that has entered the cavity outwards.

The battery is the same as the previous version however users can expect better efficiency ,mainly due to the watch OS3 that is present in the device.

We can expect all the advancements due to the watch OS3 software ,to be made available to this particular watch series. There are many interesting features bought about by this change including latest watch backgrounds, various different observations in addition to easy and very quick loading of applications.

Price Ranges of the Apple Watch 2 Series

Buyers can expect to  pay

Stainless steel Apple Watch

  • $549 upwards for the 38mm
  • $599 upwards for the 42mm

Aluminum Apple watch

  • $369 upwards for the 38mm aluminum watch
  • $399 upwards for the 42 mm aluminum watch

If you are willing to pay extra various different bands can be obtained for an extra fee.

The Nike +  Apple Watch

  • $369 upwards for the 38mm watch
  • $399 upwards for the 42mm watch

The Apple White Ceramic Edition

  • $1,249 upwards for the 38mm watch
  • $1,299 upwards for the 42mm watch

Apple Watch Hermes

  • Single Tour 38mm is for $1149, and 42mm is for $1199
  • Double Tour 38mm is for $1299
  • Single Tour Deployment Buckle 42mm is for $1399
  • Double Buckle Cuff 38mm is for 1499

Users can expect an upgrade to the previous version of the smartwatch to add the latest Dual-core processor S2 replacing the old processor and the watch will now only be available in Aluminium.

For this version of the Apple Watch Series you can expect to pay $269 for the 38mm watch and $299 for the 42mm watch.

Date of Availability

You can pre-order the Apple Watch Series to as of 9th September and the Shipments will start as of 16th September. The Apple Watch Hermes will be available as of 23rd September and pre-ordering for the Apple Watch Nike+ will be entertained as soon as 9 September ,however shipping is expected to begin in late October.Countries that the watches can be shipped to are: US, The United Kingdom, UAE , Australia , Singapore ,China, Belgium , Austria, Canada , Denmark, France , Finland, Hong Kong , Germany, Japan, Italy , Ireland, Luxembourg,  Netherlands, Portugal, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Taiwan and Switzerland.

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