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Sonalight Text By Voice for Android Updated – Handsfree Messaging, Now Includes Free Unlimited Messaging

After the advent of Siri Voice Assistant in iPhone 4S on iOS 5, Apple has created an all new development horizon for Voice assisted application and since then we have seen lots of efforts being put in for development of such applications on iOS as well as Android. Sonalight is another great example of voice assisted message platform which allows complete handsfree usage of your Android handset. The application not only speaks incoming message but also recognize voice to type and send outgoing message. Sonalight ca be of more help while you are driving as it can give you the freedom to drive without any attention to your mobile phone. And now you can avail free unlimited messaging offer which was initially limited to 20 message.


Description as per developer,

Text by Voice allows you to safely text while you drive entirely through voice. There’s no need to touch or look at the screen at all. Text by Voice will automatically read incoming text messages aloud and give you a chance to respond. You can also set an auto responder for incoming text messages, and have Text by Voice start automatically when you start driving. Text by Voice lets you compose texts on the fly. It runs in the background so you can use other apps at the same time. Drive more safely with Text by Voice.

Watch Sonalight Text by Voice in action,

Source Android Market

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