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Skyfire for iPad and iPhone Updated to Version 4.0.2, Bring iOS 5 Support[Download Now]

Skyfire Laps has provided a solution called Skyfire, a web browser allows you to Run Flash content on iOS devices which is simply not possible on Safari Browser. Skyfire browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is basically a paid Appstore  Application which you can be downloaded an installed in order to view Flash Videos and Web content on iDevices. Skyfire for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 4 was already available but now it has been updated to Version 4.0.2 in order to support Apple’s latest iOS 5 operating system.


Form App store:

Skyfire is now officially iOS 5 ready! Thank you for your patience as we worked to update Skyfire with the many changes brought forth with the Apple update. We have fixed and improved the User Agent switching feature which allows Skyfire users the flexibility to navigate between Mobile Optimized and Desktop content with the switch of a button. Access more content (full episodes) on your favorite Skyfire supported websites.

Although Apple has recently joined the Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 which allows developers to create Flash based web contents but still the native support in iOS missing. We may expect that Apple addsAbode Flash support in coming iOS 5 Beta however till that time one can rely on Skyfire for Flash web contents.

You can install Skyfire 4.0.2 by following the procedure here for trial but please buy from AppStore for $ 2.99  if your like it.

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