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Siri Let You Control iTunes, iPhoto, Word And All Your Mac’s Apps [Video]

It was all started when iPhone 4S Siri security Protocol hack was discovered by folks over  Applidium and opened the gates for third party developers to not only come up with their own apps by making Siri part of it but also let it run on other devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even Android. Things didn’t stop here, as hackers over Applidium have come up once again and created a proxy server for Siri and called it Siri Proxy. It is considered as a huge success for all those developers who want to use Siri functionality for their own applications. Recently we shared a video demonstration showing  proxy server successfully controlling a Wi-Fi thermostat followed by another hack which now makes it possible to lock car, enable alarm, pop trunk and even switch on his car engine.

Now another plugin has developed by Ian J. McDowell which works with proxy server and enables you to control your Mac desktop using your iPhone. Below mentioned video is showing by lifting your iPhone 4S and launch and control programs on your Mac. In addition to that, developer has also managed to send messages using Siri through Google Voice on the iPhone.

Via [cultofmac]

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