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Siri Can’t Connect to the Network[How to Fix]

Siri Assistant feature has been in the discussion specially after the launch of Apple’s next generation iPhone 4S. Previously it was being offered as separate app at Appstore but then removed and integrated into the recently released iPhone 4S iOS 5. Although the integration in iOS 5 become the success story but iPhone 4 users were left deprived of this feature and forced to upgrade on iPhone 4S. However, hackers are working day and night and already released video showing of Siri voice Assistant successfully ported on iPhone 4.

In addition to what we have discussed above, it has been observed that iPhone 4S users are facing some  connectivity  issues since last night while using Siri voice assistant service.  Basically service is fully activated but due to some  communication problem it does not process voice commands. The exact error message can be seen in below mentioned picture.

Previously we have also reported you about a iTunes server issue but later on confirmed that it varies from device to device as other people found connecting it successfully on their devices. If you are one of the effected user then here is how you can resolve this problem.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Siri, and turn Siri off, then wait a few seconds
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Your Phone will take a few seconds to reboot
  3. Go to Settings > General > Siri, and turn Siri back on, then wait a few seconds
if your are one of the effected user and you have been able to resolve this issue by following above mentioned procedure then make sure you let us know.
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