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SignalGuru – Help drivers avoid red traffic lights using dashboard-mounted smartphones

Gasoline fuel depletion is one of the major world issues therefore nowadays we see lot of changes in conventional fuel operated vehicles like introduction of EVs, Solar Vehicles or Fossil Fuel Cells Vehicles etc. Secondly economizing the use of Gasoline has been a major focus for which researchers at MIT have come up with a nice idea to avoid red traffic light by adjusting the speed of vehicle. As research proves almost 20% of the fuel is burnt on the red traffic lights.

Researchers at MIT has devised a way to visually monitor the traffic signals and based on current speed of the vehicle the smartphone mounted on the car dashboard gives you the optimum speed to avoid red lights. This system dubbed as SignalGuru is a smartphone software which currently gives visual display of speed to be attained by the driver however Emmanouil Koukoumidis, a visiting researcher at MIT who led the project says that Audio prompts will be made available in commercial version.

Emmanouil Koukoumidis says,

Cars are responsible for 28 percent of the energy consumption and 32 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. and that, “if you can save even a small percentage of that, then you can have a large effect on the energy that the U.S. consumes.”

There researchers at  MIT and Princeton got best project award and they intent to commercially launch Signal Guru soon.

Source: Gizmag

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