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Samsung’s back on top as the Biggest Smartphone seller.

The South Korean based company,Samsung has regained its lead from Apple as the biggest Smartphone seller during the first Quarter of 2012.The Introduction of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note last year is largely responsible for this success.In comparison to Apple’s 35.1M sales,samsung succeeded in achieving an outstanding 44.5M sales during Q1 of 2012.

It is further noted by analysts like Strategy Analytics that Samsung has become the top vendor of handsets as well in the first quarter of 2012,finally taking over from Nokia after its reign as the top vendor for the last 14 years.According to Strategy Analytics

 global handset shipments grew a modest 3 percent annually to reach 368 million units in the first quarter of 2012.Samsung was the star performer during the quarter, capturing a record 25 percent marketshare to become the world’s number one handset vendor for the first time ever.

It is further reported that with the upcoming Samsung S3 sales could slow down iphones sales in some regions if received well.

Although Samsungs Chip Manufacturing sales decreased in comparison to last year,profits by the company were made up by sales in smartphones home appliances eg Flat panel TVs.




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