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Samsung surpasses Apple and Becomes Top Smartphone Manufacturer of The World

Samsung is all set to compete with Apple iOS 5 as well as iPhone 4S and iPad 2 by launching IceCream Sandwich with Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab variants. So finally all the hard work by Samsung has paid off as they have surpassed Apple in Q3 2011 Sales.

Results of the top 3 Smartphone manufactures are shown below which clearly depicts Samsung lead with a huge margin of 10 million units. These results are a clear sign that Apple Patent Lawsuits Infringements on Samsung didn’t hold them back.

There are multiple factors which makes Samsung the number one manufacturer and the major factor is that Samsung produces a large variety of Smartphone ranging from Middle End to High End Smartphones where as Apple only produces High End Phones which are even expensive then Samsung. Therefore the number of units for Samsung sold can be at higher side and to have a rough estimate there are more than 52 models of Samsung Smartphones available whereas Apple has so far developed only 5 till date including the last iPhone 4S.

Source BusinessWire

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