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Samsung Planning to Ban iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 And iPad 2 sales in Japan and Australia

Patent ware between Apple and Samsung is growing day by day and both mobile phone manufacturers are up against each other. Recently we reported you that Apple has successfully manged to block the sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia due to infringement of Apple’s iPad 2 designs features, touchscreen and multi-touch technology, Samsung used in Galaxy Tab 10.1. Similar news came out from Germany where Apple has also managed to block Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales due to same reason.

Samsung has already face the music of blocking Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in both Australia and Germany and now its apple turn to face the same music because Samsung has filed two separate motions for preliminary injunctions. One is filed in Japan which is related to user interface patents and technology infringements whereas the other one filed in Australia is related to “wireless telecommunications standards”. if Samsung win the case then a ban will impose on the sales of
iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia whereas iPhone 4 and iPad 2 only in Japan.

This is what Wall Street Journal says about it:

The Korean company said it filed on Monday for preliminary injunctions in the Tokyo District Court and in the New South Wales Registry, Australia, to stop the sale of iPhone 4S smartphones in both countries. Samsung also asked the Japanese court to stop the sale of Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad 2 devices.

The only thing which is still not understandable which is knowing that fact that currently Samsung is manufacturing two major hardware component RAM and processor used in iOS devices yet Apple is so acting so aggressively against Samsung. However, one thing is pretty sure this war is never going to end soon and will result in lack of access to Samsung and iOS devices in effected countries.

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