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Samsung Gear S3,featured at the IFA 2016

samsung gear s3 featuresAt the IFA 2016 event ,Samsung devoted the event to show off it’s smart watches with the introduction to the latest Samsung Gear S3.This latest smartwatch has been improved both in aesthetics and touch in comparison to an ordinary watch ,however it’s technology is competitive with any smartphone.

The technology is said to be running on Samsung’s Linux -based platform, Tizen 3.2.1 OS, allowing it to be better than previous watches because the additional features enable it to disengage itself from the tiring Google process needed to add features.

Two versions of the Gear are available-The Classic and the Frontier version. Both are very similar ,however the frontier version is more the the adventurous consumer. Another distinction to be noted is that only the Frontier version will have the 3G/LTE option in comparison to the classic version,in which only Wi-Fi will be available. Both watches will come with the standard microphone and speaker ,allowing the user to use it as a hands-free for their smartphone or to make the phonecalls and receive them as well without the phone.

To a large extent the latest technology used enables the customer to use the watch solely without needing to take it out of your pocket. It should be noted that the Samsung Gear S2 will still be available as it is believed that both variations will appeal to different consumers, with a noted difference in size-the Gear s3 is much bigger however bith screen sizes are not that different, with the S2 being 1.3 inches and the S3 being 1.2inches).Both smartwatches are already supporting Android smartphones ,however iOS -support is available in Korea ,without ETA.

Main Features of the Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 has been developed similar to the conventional watch ,using the same hard-wearing material previously that is mostly seen in luxury watches, the 316L Stainless steel,which prevents corrosion when taken into seawater and contact with various other acidic substances.

Both the Classic and Frontier versions are waterproof,having an IP68 rating in addition to resistance to extreme heat and cold .(Experiments have been done by placing the Gear S3 both in Liquid Nitrogen and being placed in sand with a heat lamp placed on top.

The endurance factor is enhanced by the addition of the Gorilla Glass SR+, which is a type of glass that is particularly used in wearables.It has a low reflection index and is less prone to damage (thereby causing a reduction in number of scratches).It has been claimed that it is similar to Sapphire in this respect.

Differences between Classis and Frontier Versions

It should be noted that the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier version will be available with rubber bands in addition to a bezel that has both numbers and notches, which allows it to seem like a dive watch.In addition to this the buttons are larger ,flatter and easier to grip.In contradiction the Classic version is said to feature the customary round buttons and a cleaner bezel.There are two buttons said to be featured, with the Bottom one for home and the Top one for back option. There is also an option for answering or rejecting calls by either rotating the bezel handles left or right respectively, thus allowing easier usage while wearing gloves.

Both watches are said to have two tones namely shiny sides and a matte top, both are also the same size ,both are 13mm thick and have a diameter of 46.1 mm, however the Frontier version is said to weigh 62g in comparison to the Classic version which weighs 57g(non-inclusive of the band).

The Samsung Gear S3 is reportedly the largest smartwatches to brace the market,but it should be noted that the size of the screen is a mear 0.1 inches larger than the previous Gear S2,therefore most of the increase in size is  mainly due to the bezel size.

One of the greatest distinctions differentiating the two Gear S3 smartwatches is the difference in colours and bands. The Frontier version will be available in Black with the addition of bands while the Classic version is only available in silver and with Leather bands . According to reports the leather banding gives a more inflexible feel.Both smartwatches have the conventional 22mm bands are the bands are easy to change,it is reported that they can be changed within a minute.

The Samsung Gear S3 are said to have a 380mAh Battery in addition to an Always-on screen,which is a recent development seen in both the Samsung S7 and Samsung Note7. Prior to these recent developments the Always-on screen was limited to a mere 8 colours in comparison to the now 16 million colours available on the Gear S3.It should also be noted that the screen will be more frequently updated and can replace the much more power consuming wake up screen.

The battery life is expected to be be approximately 3 to 4 days ,however if you use the Power Saving Option that time can be doubled , nevertheless this Power saving Mode is limited to calls  and notifications.Furthermore ,Power Off mode will automatically switch on when the battery is at 5% and will enable you to save a lot of battery ,however in this mode only the time will be shown.samsung gear

There was much speculation over the specs on the chips , now confirmed to be 14nm  in addition to two CPU cores of 1.0GHz.In addition to this there is 4GB  of storage and 768MB RAM. The Samsung Gear S3 is said to be compatible with applications which also had been designed for the Gear S2.

With the Gear S3 ,you have the option of leaving your smartphone at home due to the development of the 3G /LTE Frontier version which allows you to attend or make calls via a microphone and loudspeaker .This option was confined to carrier-branded smartwatches in the Samsung S2. The Wi-Fi versions, ie the Frontier and Classic ,can also be used as hands-free ,allowing the user to keep their smartphone in their pocket,in addition another interesting feature is that with the availability of the internet connection ,you can stream your favourite music tracks ,through  the watch’s personal Spotify Application.

Another great feature is Pay which is enabled in the S3 version ,which is assisted by two NFC terminals in addition to MST which was unavailable in the S2 version. By making use of the rotating bezel you can go through all your debit and credit cards without using your smartphone.

The Samsung Gear S3 also has many features for Sport Tracking Data (similar to Fit2),including many features such as GPS run tracking and a heart rate monitor in addition to others,. There is also a new feature for all you competitive athletes that enables friends to compete with each other .




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