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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Comparison Hands on Review

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S7 ,which is the next  galaxy phone in line,following the first  flagship S6 ,featuring Samsung’s famous design language ,we thought it befitting to compare the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Note 5(which was considered one of the best Android smartphones of the previous year.)

Samsung S7 vs Samsung Note 5

With the exception of the Galaxy 5 appearing to be a larger handset ,both smartphones appear to be very similar to each other,both have curved edges on the rear panels,thereby making both phones very smooth in the hands and provide better grip.Both phones boast an aluminium frame in addition to front and rear glass panels.

Most of the buttons on both smartphones are pretty much in the same places -the power button can still be found on the upper right edge of the phones,the headphone jack,micro USB port and speaker can still be found on the bottom,volume keys are still on the left edge.Contradictory to many other companies that are replacing the micro USB port with the USB Type –C port Samsung is not ready for the switch just yet,which can be considered an advantage for those users that do not want to buy all the extra cables required.In addition to these features the Note 5 will include an embedded stylus, which will be kept on the right side of the speaker.

Samsung S7 vs Samsung Note 5 1

The Note 5 features a 5.5 inch screen while the S7 features a 5.1 inch screen,both of which are Quad HD Super AMOLED.Following Samsung noted brilliance in clarity,brightness and vivid colours both phones boast these particular features.

Due to the fact that both phones are very similar in quality,Users requiring a phone which is can handle a greater amount of multimedia consumption ,and are not worried about the weight of the phone would prefer the Note 5,meanwhile a consumer requiring a more compact and lightweight phone,which has the same display qualities would prefer the S7.

Another major feature added is that of additional storage.The S7 features32GB RAM in addition the option of additional storage through insertion of a microSD card of upto 200GB,however the Note 5 comes with variations of 32,64 or 128GB RAM (although the 128 GB is only available in Korea).The Galaxy 5 does not feature an option for a microSD card.

The Physical home buttons of both smartphones can be found at the bottom of the display.The home button on the Note 5 however protrudes a bit out of the handset unlike that of the S7 that is more in line with the body of the handset.

Unlike the S6 ,Samsung has now introduced water and dust resistance in the S7(IP68) ,however this feature has not been added to the Note 5.

The Note 5 will run on the Exynos 7420 processor(with 4GB RAM),meanwhile theS7 ,which will be available in America,will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor ,while in other countries it is expected to feature a Samsung Exynos 8 Octacore Processor ,however both options will have 4GB of RAM.

The Note 5 boasts a 16MP (with aperture lens of f/1.9) however the  S7 features a 12MP back camera (with aperture lens of f/1.7)in addition to grater 1.4u pixels thereby enabling for more light than the previous S6.Due to the fact that the S7 camera has a larger pixel size(allowing for better outdoor and indoor image quality ),it is predicted that this camera will be better than the Note 5’s camera.

The Note 5 recently was upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow ,which will now also be featured in the S7,however the S7 version will be specifically customised version which is overlaid with Touchwiz from Samsung providing a similar interface that users are used to.The optional removable application drawer in the Galaxy S7 is one of the major differences between the S7 and Note 5.

Both smartphones have various advantages and disadvantages,the S7 is a more refined,compact and slim phone allowing users to enjoy the whole experience in comparison to the Note 5 which is great for multitasking on a wider screen.

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